How to Get Rid of Extremely Dry Skin on Hands

If you have extremely dry skin on your hands and would like to get rid of it, let me show you how to moisturise it.

There are several causes of dry skin on hands – 

  • Dry Weather
  • Frequent Washing using soap
  • Central Heating
  • Junk Food Diet
  • Dehydration
  • Use of Chemicals
  • Heavy Craft or Mechanical Work
  • Ageing

Depending on where you live, especially if you are in a hot climate, the weather can adversely affect the state of your hands. You will need to moisturise your skin after each wash. The best thing to use is a thick cream like Aloe Propolis Creme or simply olive oil with a drop of lavender essential oil.

Aloe Propolis Creme contains Aloe Vera gel and chamomile which is soothing for skin. Olive oil – the Extra Virgin kind, mind, will also be very moisturising for you.

central heating radiator

Central Heating turned on during winter, can dry out your skin on your hands as well as your whole body. It is important to stay hydrated when you have this on. Also a humidifier is useful to put back moisture into the air in your home.

A Junk Food diet lacking in omega 3 fatty acids can also contribute to dry skin on your hands and elsewhere on your body. So the best thing you can do is wean yourself off food like potato chips, crisps, sweet desserts with cream, sodas, alchohol, etc.

Replace junk food with healthy alternatives that are home made. For example, roasted sweet potato cooked with coconut oil. Chicken breast and avocado salads.

You can also drink tasty green smoothies containing avocado, carrot juice, apple, parsley and bananas.

Supplement with Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed Oil.  The only con about this is that you need to take at least 3 capsules of each three times a day to see a difference in 30 days. It can also prove slightly expensive in the long run.

However supplementing with fish and seed oils really does work. As I suggested this to a friend who complained of dry hands. I told him to take a high dose of evening primrose oil as mentioned above. 3 weeks later he came back with glowing reviews of how his hands were now smooth and soft.

Smoking definitely is a no-no for your skin as nicotine is known to wick away internal moisture of your body. Leading to dry hands! If you are guilty of this, then be warned of the effects of smoking turning your skin askew as you age.

 Dehydration is another key to the cause of your dry hands. If you are a speaker who rarely drinks water, especially when on flights to conferences, you will also suffer from extremely dry hands.

3 glasses of water on a table

Remember to drink water or green juices to the total of 8 glasses daily. As it takes 28 days for the skin to repair itself, you will need to take this long to see a lasting change in the condition of your hands. As a side benefit, your voice will also be more clear and sharp to the ear.

Our hands have a different skin structure to other parts of our body, which helps them perform their key function in movement and motion control:

The skin on the palms and balls of the fingers and thumbs:

  • is rich in fatty and connective tissue (such as elastin and collagen)
  • has a high density of sweat glands but very few sebaceous glands 

The skin on the backs of the hands:

  • has hardly any fatty tissue
  • is especially thin and sensitive
  • has few sebaceous glands

Drinking Marine Collagen is another fantastic way of getting the right nutrients to our hands. It supports the firmness and elasticity of our skin on not just our hands, but also the strength of our hair and other connective tissue we have in our bodies. For example our feet.

Marine Collagen is great but as the brand I recommend is in liquid form, it can get rather pricey if you’re are buying this month after month.

If you are on a budget, I suggest apple, cucumber, avocado and carrots to make a smoothies.  To see a difference in your skin, you will need to make a litre of smoothie a day.  As you can include up to 3  apples in your smoothie, the taste will be quite nice.  Due to the apples you included!

Use of Chemicals

If you are an artist who uses paints or resin, you will have to wash your hands quite thoroughly to get any stains out.  The best thing to do would be to use gloves, but then you would not get a good feel for the brush in hand…

I suggest a heavy cream moisturizer and supplement your diet with avocado smoothies and also evening primrose oil capsules after each meal.

If you also work in a hospital as a nurse, you will be frequently washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap which washes off the microbiome on your hands.  Leading to very dry skin and even worse, cracked hands.

A sanitiser containing aloe vera can help as well as supplementing your diet with smoothies and evening primrose oil capsules.  To see a difference in 30 days, you will need to take 3 capsules three times a day with liquid.

wrinkled hands in a clasp

Ageing is something we all have to look forward to.  The good thing is that by then, you should have a good skin care routine in place that will get you ready for when you reach your 60s and beyond.

To keep your hands looking pretty, it’s important not to be too thin.  I have noticed that being between 70-56kg is beneficial to give a slightly plump look to my hands.  After all, there’s no point having beautiful skin if you are all skin and bone, is there??

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So there you have it – All you need to do for moisturized hands, is to do the following:

1.  Drink 1 litre of Green Smoothie every day

2.   Supplement with Evening Primrose Oil or Fish Oils – 3 capsules three times a day with food.

3.   And drink Marine Liquid Collagen every day.

4.    Use Aloe Liquid Hand Soap to wash your hands instead of anti-bacterial soap.

5.   Moisturize your hands with a thick cream like Aloe Propolis Creme which you can get by clicking here.

Once you have reached saturation point and your hands are glowing, all you need to do to maintain this and continue drinking the green smoothie every day. Plus use Aloe Propolis Creme after each hand washing.

Remember, your hands are an important part of your body and you use them in various situations all day.  

So Take Care Of Them!!

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