Neocate Infant Formula

While surfing on the net for a solution to heal my baby’s severe eczema, I came across Neocate. It is a baby formula specially designed for babies with cow milk allergy or lactose intolerance.

neocate infant formula


Neocate is a Nutricia brand, a specialised medical nutrition company that is part of the Medical Division of Groupe Danone, Paris.

Neocate is hypoallergenic and easy to digest.

Complete nutrition for your child when feeding the recommended amount.

Fast and effective dietary management of food allergy symptoms

Preparing Neocate Safely

  • Make sure all your utensils are thoroughly washed and sterilised
  • Use a steam steriliser when cleaning your child’s bottles as this is easier
  • Always prepare the formula immediately before feeding
  • Shake or stir formula before use
  • Do not warm formula longer than 15 minutes before feeding
  • Discard leftover formula from baby bottle after 1 hour
  • Do not re-warm formula as this can cause loss of nutrients

Please note;

Your child may show increased appetite and start taking large amounts of Neocate once his or her symptoms are resolved.

This is normal especially if the child is underweight for its age.  It is your child’s way of catching up with its growth.


Where can I find Neocate?

Neocate baby formula is only available on prescription from your GP or dietician. You cannot find it in shops.

My son had eczema from head to toe and was quite poorly. I asked his dietician for Neocate and he was allowed to have it on prescription.

His eczema subsided within 3 weeks of use and he is still clear 11 years later.  Obviously he only had Neocate up until 5 years then was given soya milk based products.  We did try to give him normal dairy milk for his cereal or porridge, but the lactose intolerance was still evident so we stopped the dairy milk.


What Is Neocate Infant Formula Made Of?

It is made of amino acid based formulas.  This means it is unlikely to trigger allergic reactions unlike milk protein formulas.

Rice milk and soya mill formulas are not recommended for infants with food allergy during the first  6 months of life.

Rice milk does not contain necessary nutrients  your baby needs like protein, calcium iron and some vitamins.

To find out more about Neocate Baby Formula, please visit

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please feel free to ask me in the Comments Section below.

18 thoughts on “Neocate Infant Formula

  1. Nathalie says:

    Thank you for this very interesting article, Stella. I mainly breastfed my son but I sometimes had to give him some cow milk baby formula. Although he was not obviously allergic to cow milk nor lactose intolerant (he did not have any skin reaction), I could really see the negative impact of cow milk baby formula on him. Mainly bloating. It was scary!! Also, at the time, I did not know how bad cow milk really was, so I did not know to relate his episodes of diarrhoea with his drinking cow milk baby formula…

    The amino acids that are in this neocate infant formula you talk about, what’s their origin if they don’t come from cow milk, rice nor soya? 

    Thank you,


    • Stella says:

      Hi Nathalie, 

      I will have to refer you to Neocate’s website where you can get more in-depth information.

      I looked for the list of ingredients on their site after writing this article but to no avail.  I will have to do some more research to find out what Neocate is made from.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Hello Stella,

    It’s amazing what you can buy today to make sure your baby’s food is healthy. As a grandmother, in my day there weren’t a lot of choices of what to give your kids, especially if they had an intolerance. My husband was allergic to milk as a baby and could only eat bananas and pablum until they could find the cause.

    Is Infantile Eczema a big problem with babies today?

    I think moms are lucky to be able to have so many options open to them. Thanks for sharing this valuable information for those with babies who need it.

    • Stella says:

      Yes Mary Ann,

      I suffered from eczema when a baby and my Mother was at a loss for what to do.  I remember always being in Kid’s Hospital!

      Neocate was definitely a game changer for my son though.

  3. David says:

    I am delighted to hear that you managed to clear your baby’s severe eczema within a short time of using this product. I am wondering how you managed to look out for any side effects of using this product as a baby can not exactly tell you of any problems. Did you have to visit the baby’s dietician on a regular basis when your baby (and later child) was taking this product?  

    • Stella says:

      Yes David,

      I visited my son’s dietician from baby to 4 years old. He only suffered from eczema for about a year but went through lots of testing to find out what he was allergic to besides Cow & Gate formula.

      Fortunately, he was a relatively healthy and happy child even though.

  4. Isaac says:

    I completely agree with you, Neocate infant formula helped my two babies, I wouldn’t know what to do without it. One of my baby was developing quite an appetite, but I think that is normal as you have noted here.

    And to be on the safe side, its good for babies with allergy. Thanks for the extra informative article!

    • Stella says:

      Hi Isaac,

      It is good to meet another person who has had success with Neocate. It really works for most infants.

      I am glad you enjoyed reading this article.

  5. RoDarrick says:

    Well, I’m elated to know that this was able to cure your baby’s eczema withing a short period of time but I would like to know about its side effects before suggesting it to my sister. She gave birth not long and the baby is still very much within the early stages and she has been developing eczema all over her body. I would be glad to hear fromyou very soon

    • Stella says:

      There are no side-effects that I know of as it was given to me by my baby’s hospital dietician at the time. It was the only formula he could have as he really cannot tolerate milk. I got the Neocate in bulk on my free GP’s prescription.  He was on it til he was 2.

      What caused the eczema in the first place was one of my baby’s carers gave him orange juice to make him poop more regularly.  It was way too acidic for his system.

      He is 10 now and absolutely fine.

  6. Alejandra says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write a good article to read about what milk to get for a child with lactose intolerance, today I’m an adult but I have lactose intolerance since the day I was born, my mom always told me about how hard was for her and for the doctor to find a good milk for me.

    It’s good to find good information today on the internet that I’m sure will help doctors and parents of kids with this problem.

    • Stella says:

      Hi Alejandra,

      Yes, I am lactose intolerant too, but still love milk kefir.  I find it very tasty.  I only drink this about once or twice a month.  Funny enough, it helped my skin tone when I first started drinking it, but now it contributes to arthritic pain.

      So I do not drink it so much any more.  

      I hope one day, you will be able to tolerate a little yoghurt now and then as it is a good probiotic.

  7. Jake Devins says:

    Hey thanks for letting people know about this. I see it’s only doctor subscribed so it can be hard to get the right information. Which is why your review is such a good idea. I love how much awesome products are out there for nutrition and in particular here for babys nutrition. Have a good day.

    • admin says:

      The funny thing is the Doctors don’t want us Mothers to know about things like this..I had to Google online before I discovered it.  Then an NHS dietician asked me where I got to know about Neocate and I told her I found it online.  Never knew I could get it on a prescription!

  8. Jonah says:

    Thank you for this super informative post ! How great that you found Neocate infant formula, and that you are spreading the word ! My nephew is allergic to lactose and they hav been having a lot of troubles with him , so I’ll definitely tell them about neocate infant formula ! Thanks again for such a nicely written post !

    • admin says:

      Yes Neocate Infant formula is useful for lactose intolerant children.  Sorry to hear about your nephew – wean him off sugary food and drinks and also floury food like bread, biscuits and cake.  Make biscuits and cookies out of ground oatmeal, raisins and a little honey if he’s older than 12 months.

  9. Richard says:

    Hi Stella

    I like your article straight to the point. First sorry about your child having had eczema and in the same breath happy that you took care of it and your son completely healed. What I like most is that you highlighted critical aspects of this formula. Prepare it just before feeding, Discard left over after an hour, don’t re-warm, and sterilization. These are things that can cause serious problem if not adhered to.

    Your article also highlight some thing that once you are lactose intolerant its not easy for that intolerance to go away. Maybe if you could as a follow up give us disadvantages and advantages of this Neocate product.

    Good article. Thank You for sharing


    • admin says:

      I think the main disadvantage Neocate Infant formula is that it contains corn syrup.  It is made in a laboratory and not totally natural.  Meaning it is ultra-processed.

      The good thing is that after a baby is 6 months old, other food can be used alongside Neocate.  Just make sure the other food doesn’t contain milk, sugar or flour.

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