Eczema and Fine Wrinkles


Eczema and Fine Wrinkles

If you suffer from a skin condition that forces you to scratch it through either being itchy or picking at acne prone skin, you will find that your skin starts to turn blotchy, thick, scarred or even worse, wrinkled.  Now obviously this only happens to people who are perhaps 30 and above but even children who are in their early teens can suffer from thick skin due to scratching their eczema patches

So What Should We Do About This?

Fortunately skin, though the largest organ of our bodies, repairs itself every 28 days. To do this it will need the following nutrients to use for renewal. You also have to remember that our skin is the last organ of our bodies to receive the nutrients that we consume on a daily basis. That means that we would have to consume a larger amount of the skin repairing nutrients to see a difference in the texture and look of our skin.

I once  went to a nutritionist in Regent’s Park; the Nutri Centre it was called. He told me that I needed the following nutrients to bring my skin back up to normal. And these are the five:

  • Betacarotenoids 
  • Zinc picolinate 
  • Vitamin B complex  
  • Zeaxanthin 
  • Soluble time release vitamin C

Beta carotenoids   is the digestible form of Vitamin A.  Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin normally found in orange and red fruit and veg.  For example, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato.

Zinc is mostly found in oysters and pumpkin seeds. These are probably the highest sources of zinc that you can get from food.

Vitamin B complex you can get from brown rice and also sunflower seeds that you sprout and Oatmeal.

Zeaxanthin  is normally found in such food as salmon.

And vitamin C can normally be found in such fruit-veg as cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, leeks and citrus fruit. Although I must admit citrus fruit is not a good fruit to have if you are an eczema sufferer as it will cause information due to the amount of sugar that it contains.

Now the problem with this “solution” is that you would need to take at least one capsule of the beta carotenoids,   2 capsules of zinc, 2 capsules of vitamin B complex and 1 to 2 capsules of vitamin C every day! It costs around £50 a month… What a lot  of money to spend on supplements!

One thing you could do instead is invest in a strong, sturdy juicer. The slow masticating variety where you can juice your fruit and veg then put them in a blender with food like avocado or sunflower seeds.

Now many people have got an issue with consuming sugar and the sugar consumption would increase if you only made juice.  So this is why it is important to have a blender, so that some of your juice contains fibre which is very useful for brushing toxins and debris from the inside of your colon.

To make a difference in your skin to the point that it becomes smooth again, you would need to have at least 3 glasses (8-ounce glasses) of juice blends in the morning for breakfast and 3 glasses at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

If you have been following the various posts in my blog you will notice that I tell you to have a Dead Sea salt bath before you go to bed. This will relax you so that you have a very peaceful and serene sleep.

What Is so Important About Sleep?

Sleep is important because this is the time when your entire body repairs itself.  You will notice that if you do not have enough sleep 2 nights in a row, you will suffer from lethargy, puffy and red eyes,  eye bags and poor skin.

One thing to ensure that your skin remains in a good state is to regularly change your pillow cases which should be made out of satin or silk. They are not too pricey and are gentle on your skin enabling it to retain moisture while you are asleep.

Personally I have found that when I drink plenty of juice – up to 4 litres a day – my skin  is wrinkle free and glowing the following morning. Mind you I did not drink that amount at first. I started off with two cups in the morning and evening,  then 3. Fast forward 10 years later and I am now up to 4 litres!

I am also 10 years older and the wrinkles have begun to show ever since the flare up I had in 2016.   I have fine wrinkles on my arms and thighs so this means that not only do I need to juice but add exercise and eat more protein.

Read my post about eczema and protein for skin repair. It will give you all the juicy details about why protein is so important for your skin to keep you youthful looking.

Talking about protein, Dr Perricone, an American dermatologist is well known for his 3 day Facelift Diet which contains buckets of  the stuff…

What is This Diet About?

Basically all you need to do is eat plenty of salmon and salad up to 5 times a day… which is a surprising amount of salmon… I was surprised as well because salmon is an expensive fish to buy.   I tried this 3-day diet for 2 weeks and had to stop because I had put on weight due to the amount of salmon that I was eating PlusI was also broke. I was eating one whole salmon a week and it proved to be too expensive for me.

But Dr Perricone was right; my skin did look much better after 14 days of eating salmon and having salads.

I have made a tweak to his programme.  Instead of having salmon I ate mackerel.   I would have 2 mackerel a day with salads and 2 litres of blended juice and 2 litres of water every day.

As I had a flare up earlier this year between March and April I realised that if I kept up having 4 litres of healthy liquid a day as well as plenty of oily fish, my skin regained its beautiful glow.  The dark blotchiness of my skin disappeared and it regained its tone.   Also the fine wrinkles disappeared.

AAhh – Exercise!

Another thing that you may have to do is exercise.  Now my preferred exercise is walking. It’s fun. But if you really want to get rid of your wrinkles on your arms and thighs (if you have any) the best thing to do is strength training or at least hot yoga.  Once your flare-ups have died to a minimum you will be able to stomach the 40 degrees of a hot yoga room.

40 Degrees??!

Yes.  What is special about hot yoga is that you stand on a mat for 90 minutes and perform two series of 26 stretch poses. After a month of this kind of yoga you will be much more flexible and the parts of you that maybe aching, due to overuse, will feel less painful.


So you see that defeating your wrinkles can be accomplished…

To recap, you will need to supplement at first, then progress onto juices moving from 2 cups a day to at least 2 litres. Eat plenty of oily fish and salads plus least 2 litres of water daily.   Topped off with exercise.

Before you go, be prepared  to sweat during a hot yoga session.  The good thing about sweating is that you release toxins from your body. Sweating is good for you and your skin will take on a glow. If you cannot stomach Bikram yoga, it is for 90 minutes after all, then try going to a  sauna.

In a sauna you will be sweating and, like I said before, the toxins will come out of your skin. Follow up with a 2 minute cold shower then return to the sauna. You will need to take plenty of water along to drink – at least 2 litres. Drink some before going to the sauna, during  and afterwards because you will lose more water from your body than usual.

Minimum Budget To Regain Smooth Skin

  1. You will need at least £24 for a monthly gym membership
  2. Mackerel  is relatively quite cheap compared to salmon and for 15 fish you would pay £27. That would last you for at least 2 weeks to a month.

For juicing you will need to spend at least £15 a week for such vegetables as

  • Cucumbers x 5
  • Celery x 4
  • Apples  x 10
  • Parsley x 2 bunches
  • Beetroot x 5
  • Watermelon x 1
  • Ginger root
  • Avocado  x 4
  • Carrots  5 x 1kg bags

Add £50 a month if you want to go the supplement route and finally,  £35 for P&B shakes.

To get rid  of wrinkles even faster, do a liver flush after 1 month of drinking your P&Bs. You only need to do a liver flush every 2 months if you are new to it.

Meanwhile, you if have any questions, leave them below and I will help you out.