Discover 3 Ways To Treat Eczema Fast

This is a simple guide to treat your eczema fast before it gets infected. As there are two main type of eczema – Wet and Dry, I will cover both. You will learn how to treat eczema;

  1. Internally

2. Externally

3. Environmentally

  1. Internally, your body needs to be detoxified to clear up allergies to toxins and food ingredients you eat. This can be done with a gentle herbal colon cleanse. The colon cleanse should be done for at least two months before drinking Forever Aloe Gel which is 99% aloe vera juice.

Please note:

It is important that you do the herbal colon cleanse first to prevent having a healing crisis after drinking Forever Living Aloe Gel. The Gel is very good at bringing out toxins, but if you are prone to eczema, this detox can make eczema symptoms worse at first before clearing them up. As it happens, P&B shakes are also effective yet, gentle colon cleansers.

If you do a herbal colon cleanse first, it is way more gentle and gives you a better chance of your body using the aloe juice to greater effectiveness.

2. Your diet should be clear of sugary food and drinks as they contribute to inflammation which can make eczema flare up, especially wet eczema. You can eat organic green apples instead and make vegetable juices that contain just 1 apple to sweeten the taste. Floury food should also be avoided.

Simply put;

The less processed your food, the more easily you will be able to digest it. Without being allergic to any of the ingredients. Most people who have eczema are also lactose-intolerant. This means no cow milk products. For example anything with cow’s milk, yoghurt, cheese and even milk kefir!!

So you can eat beans that have been soaked overnight then cooked slowly the following morning. Tubers, vegetables and seeds. For example, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds (linseeds).

3. Making avocado smoothies for breakfast is also a brilliant idea as avocados are very nourishing for skin making it glow.


Whether you have dry or wet eczema, it is important to keep your skin clean by taking Moor Mud baths. Simply add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a bath filled with water. Add half a tablespoon of Moor Mud to the bath, swirl round with your hand to blend with the water.

Then relax for 20 minutes.

When finished, don’t rinse off. While still damp, apply a generous amount of Forever Aloe Gelly on your eczema patches.

Then put on some melted coconut oil and shea butter. girl holding a tube of aloe gelly

Remember to keep moisturised throughout the day. With aloe vera gelly and coconut oil mixed with shea butter. Or coconut oil if you are fine with that. When you need to wash the hairy parts of your body, you can use Aloe Vera liquid soap. However, the moor mud is cleansing in itself and you will not smell.

As it makes your skin 7% softer, you can take these baths three times in a row, then ease off to twice a week until the itchiness dies down. After this, you can maintain your skin by having a bath once a week.

For Wet Eczema Patches

Wet Eczema patches need to be dried out gently. For this, you can smear some French White Argiletz clay paste onto the patches and let it sit til almost dry before gently rinsing off and patting dry with a T-shirt. Apply shea butter to moisturise. As a little shea butter goes a long way, you do not need much. As it is thick, you can melt it with 1 -2 tablespoons ofcoconut oil in a thick glass bowl. Within a pot half-filled with water. Then place the pot on medium heat.

As for your hair – you can shampoo it with Forever Living Aloe Shampoo and Aloe Conditioner. This is suitable for all hair types.

Warm oil treatments. You can also do this every two weeks to keep your scalp and hair moisturised.

Step 1. Depending on the length of your hair, section it and apply a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil to damp hair.

Step 2. Next, rake your fingers through each section of hair from the roots to the ends. Ensure the tips of get a good helping of oil.

Step 3. Cover your head with a plastic bag or a large shower cap.

Step 4. Wrap your head with a large towel. Leave on for half an hour or overnight.

Step 5. Shampoo with Forever Aloe Shampoo the following morning. Rinse thoroughly twice.

Step 6. Apply Forever Aloe Conditioner, leave on for 10 minutes.

Step 7. Rinse out the conditioner.

This warm oil treatment is deeply moisturising. Following this routine every time before washing your hair will leave it becoming stronger and softer.

Due to lockdown procedures worldwide, there was mass production of sanitizer. People who did not have eczema on their hands before started having it due to all the frequent hand-washing. Fortunately, Forever Living created a skin-friendly Aloe Sanitizer which is still moisturising to hands while it works. Don’t go without one!


Hopefully, you should realise that furry pets cannot live with you at home as they tend to trigger flare ups. And also asthma attacks! Your clothes need to be mostly made from cotton, linen, satin or silk as these are cool to the touch. This includes underwear and coats. Polyester puffer jackets, gilets and coats tend to overheat.

Talking about heat, make sure to turn off the central heating in winter. It is better to use an electric oil heater which you can turn on during the day for a short period of time to warm your room up.

For your bed, make sure to get rid of the duvet which can host dust mites. Get a cotton throw instead and also cotton bed sheets and pillow cases. A hypoallergenic pillow is also a good idea.

For footwear, leather is way better than plastic which can trigger eczema.

During summer, keep your house cool with fans and open your windows when indoors to allow the air to circulate.

Fragrance and perfumes can also be an allergen, so be aware of it in household detergents, cosmetics and lotions, creams.

Furniture should be leather (if you can afford it) and covered with cotton throws to prevent getting a leather burn from rubbing your skin against it.

So now you know how to keep eczema at bay.

Here are the products that you will need:

Aloe Vera Gelly

Aloe Hand Soap

Aloe Jojoba Shampoo

Aloe Jojoba Conditioner

Moor Mud Complete Body Mask (for baths)

Aloe Hand Sanitizer


If you follow the steps above, eczema can be cleared in one month. Especially if it is widespread. Cutting out sugar is key to eczema patches becoming less itchy and getting the chance to heal. Stick to eating more natural food and be careful. Even after detoxing, if you go back to eating junk and highly processed food, the eczema can rear its ugly head again.