Can Echinacea Beat The Corona Flu?

Autumn is here and  we all know that the Coronavirus causes the Corona flu. Which can lead to pneumonia, shortness of breath and even death in the very vulnerable, unhealthy and elderly. 

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself against this virus. I had Corona Flu in the middle of March and got rid of it by drinking a gallon of avocado smoothie for 2 days.  This mostly consisted of vegetables and I got better within those 2 days. Then it was a week of rest and self-isolation. In addition, I put 15 drops of Echinacea tincture in a little water and drank that every 4 hours.  This remedy kept me out of hospital! 

So now, if you have Echinacea and green juices daily, you will find that the likelihood of you having flu is decreased by as much as 30%.

Photo of echinacea plant

In the 90s I had heard about Echinacea and decided to take the droplets. Which you place under your tongue. It was only 4 years later that I realised I had not had a cold in  4 years.  I had faithfully taken Echinacea Tincture drops for that length of time.. Okay, well, I was still in my thirties so age probably had something to do with it. I was relatively quite healthy as well.

So What are the Benefits of  Echinacea?

It is native to the Eastern states of USA and it was once known as Missouri snakeroot… Not to worry – echinacea has nothing to do with snakes!! It was traditionally used by Native Americans for fevers and poorly healing wounds. It was introduced into Europe in the 19th century and has been extensively researched since. A lovely antibiotic remedy for treating a broad range of infections.

Ok so now we know what it is,  we also should know that the main constituents are a volatile oil including humulene, glycosides, inulin, polysaccharides, antibiotic polyacelytenes. 

So What Can Echinacea Do Within The Body?

It stimulates the immune system and is anti-allergenic.  Echinacea also tones your lymphatic system. It is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. You can use this in various ways.

  1.    As an infusion 
  2.    As a fraction 
  3.    As a gargle mouthwash
  4.    As a tincture or even 
  5.    As a cream or ointment.

Now the good news is that it has been made into tinctures and also chewable tablets for children. It is totally safe to use.

We know that viruses causing flu and the common cold have been with us for a very long time. The only difference with the Corona flu is that it can actually be quite deadly.  The best thing to do is to protect ourselves by taking precautions so that we are less likely to contract the virus.

The average person gets two to three of these cold or flu infections a year.  Sometimes it can seem impossible to avoid colds or flu especially when those around us are sneezing and sniffing.

Now one thing I noticed is that Echinacea does not seem to stop coughing Ok!  So, you might have to drink ginger, lemon and honey to soothe your throat. If you do have a sore throat, we do know that if you do take raw Manuka honey, it is actually better for you. Manuka honey has more immune boosting properties in it then regular supermarket honey. You may probably be able to buy this from Amazon.

Echinacea drops and tablets contain the extract from freshly harvested purpurea

And This Is…

A traditional herbal remedy which helps the body fight the symptoms of colds and flu by supporting the immune system. This helps to maintain the body’s resistance. 

Let me tell you this – since the time I have stopped taking Echinacea every year, I catch about two to three colds especially if my hair gets damp from being in the rain. That is, just light rain – not heavy storm rain! I have decided since I have already had Corona flu once I definitely do not want to have it again. Or pass it on to anyone else. I don’t know if you haven’t noticed that some people can be super spreaders – highly infectious carriers of the virus.


I do not recommend taking Echinacea if you are taking plenty of medication because it may interact with it adversely. So please be warned!  Do not say I did not tell you.

The good thing about the Corona flu is that young children have mostly healthy and strong immune systems and can throw off the virus within a week or so. So that’s good. However, they may spread it to the elderly or people with underlying health conditions that are respiratory related…

Talking about the elderly, I have encouraged my mother (who is 80 in April) to continue doing her juicing… She normally juices apples, celery, cucumber and carrot with parsley, garlic, ginger and lemon.  I taught her how to create tasty juice and she has done this daily for the last 10 years. This, I’m sure, keeps her immune system strong.  To ensure she doesn’t catch this dreaded flu, I will buy some Echinaforce;  a product that is created by A. Vogel. They have a whole line of products that are herbal in nature and have everything from Avena Calm which is Avena Sativa drops to Biopropolis for cold sore care. And even Ivy Complex which is for chesty coughs.

What is a Chesty Cough?

A chesty cough is a result from an excess mucus produced by the respiratory tract.

This results in the tubes of your lungs or throat being irritated, triggering the cough reflex and an attempt by the body to expel mucus.

Bronchoforce or Ivy Complex oral drops is a traditional herbal medicine or product used for the relief of chesty cough, mucus cough and catarrh. It is exclusively based upon long standing use as a traditional remedy.

There is also Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup which is very good for either a tickly cough or an irritating cough.

photo of lady wearing a face mask

Now there is one thing that I noticed when I started coughing. I actually caught the Corona flu from a cashier at the post office.  She was coughing ferociously and fiercely into her hand. Even though she was behind a glass counter. She coughed at least 4 to 5 times for all to see).

Into her hand and it was enough to rack her body so that she bent sideways. I realised that I was probably going to be affected and by that evening while making a podcast – low and behold – I started coughing between sentences.


But the cough I had was not an irritating one.   It was tickly in nature and this is exactly what Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup can alleviate due to  containing an extract of Spruce shoots. It also contains honey to soothe an irritated throat.

Cough syrup is a traditional herbal medicine or product used for the relief of coughs such as chesty cough, dry tickly irritating cough, and, catarrh.  

Vogel have also created a cough spray for dry coughs. It is made from the extract of Mullein and Marshmallow Root. A Vogel cough spray protects and soothes – helping to bring rapid and effective relief. It also creates a protective film layer in the throat. It has also antitussive (cough-relieving) and soothing effect and ensures that irritated mucous membranes are not further irritated.

  1. A Vogel Cough Spray contains a powerful combination of 100% natural active ingredients. The spray is easy to use and can be carried anywhere. If out and about, at work or on your bedside table (except during times like these!!). Thank God – it is suitable for children over the age of 4, so if you have young ones and they have a cough at least now you know what to give them.

Like I said –  A Vogel herbal remedies have everything from Sage tablets for hot flashes and Night sweats to Linorforce to relieve constipation. Plus eye drops for dry, irritated eyes and St John’s Wort tablets for depression, etc. 

Who is A Vogel?

They are an established brand since the mid 1930s and the person who set it up was a herbalist named Alfred Vogel.  He set up his clinic in Switzerland… It was one of the first naturopathic clinics in the village of Teulenn in the Canton of Appanzell.  

Alfred took advantage of the clean mountain air and cultivated medicinal plants for the many people who travelled far and wide to see him. He came to insist on using only freshly picked herbs in his remedies and this led him to pioneer the technique of fresh herb extraction.

A Vogel research confirms that fresh herb extract often make better remedies.   For instance the fresh Echinacea extract used in Echinaforce contains almost 3 times more active substances than can be obtained from the same amount of dried herbs. Please take note: A Vogel owns farms in and around Switzerland and they have partner herb farms where plants are grown organically. They stand firmly against exploitation and depletion of wild plants in nature.

Not all herbal remedies are the same as Alfred Vogel discovered decades ago. Many factors influence the quality of the herbal product to use.

This is why the A. Vogel Health Institute still chooses to use freshly harvested plants when making most of their herbal remedies.  

That being said, I’ve noticed after using Echinaforce for 3 weeks now, the tincture works faster than tablet or capsule form.   I normally take it in the evening before bed.  It’s simple – just put 10-15 drops in a tablespoon of drinking water. Then wake up feeling better by the next morning.  

Even though we’re all at different levels of immunity, strengthening ourselves will go a long way.  So let’s get ready for Christmas by taking some Echinacea!

24 thoughts on “Can Echinacea Beat The Corona Flu?

  1. Abel says:

    Wow! Isn’t this just simply awesome to see here and thank you so much omfir sharing your knowledge out here. Personally this is the first time I will be hearing about the name of echinacea and the fact that it can actually be a healing natural drug is really great. Well, as much as this can really be awesome to use, I believer that prevention is better than cure and there should be strict maintenance of the government hygiene

    • Stella says:

      Yes, I heard about echinacea many years ago from my local health food shop.  

      They introduced it to me and explained it should be taken at least one month before flu season, to prevent having it.  We can keep clean, but a virus is infectious and can be inhaled.

      What’s even better than being clean is having a strong immune system to fend off any viruses that may be flying around…..

      Echinacea boosts it…

  2. Bella says:

    Hello Stella, I must admit I am really fed up with the lack of a breakthrough in the vaccine for the coronavirus and the day we just have to hope for the best to come out of the various research that is being carried out. They have been a really large range of homemade stuff that people believe van help cure the virus, but as much as I want this thing to be cleared out I just want us to be careful as we go about it. The Echinacea may end up being the cure to the virus but I want to have faith in it all. 

    • Stella says:

      Hello Bella,

      Echinacea is just one of the many herbs that can beat the virus.   A cheerful attitude makes a bigger difference.  Finding peace and joy is a great way to begin and that is by combining echinacea and a cheerful attitude.  As people, we heal from within by being safe, alert and passing the message on.

      You can have faith – simply believe you receive healing as you drink a little echinacea with some pure water or vegetable juice. Do remember that we only heal when given the right nutrients to do the healing with.  Ultimately, God is the healer…Have faith and trust that what he has begun, he will complete.

  3. kan says:

    I so bored sitting at home all day, but I am supper scared to go outside cause of the Coronavirus, and I had no idea that there was a way to stop it, let alone a cure, I thought there was no type of vaccine kind of this, but reading this blog, I feel much confident and went out today. it’s a must check guys. 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Kan,

      Keep safe and keep exercising.  whatever you do, do with all your heart, soul, strength and mind.  

      Where there is a will, there is a way!  If you can find some exercise to do – for example – singing or football, you will feel much better.

  4. Antarctic Adventures says:

    Very interesting article! I am always looking for natural ways to help with fighting off diseases and bacteria as opposed to medications. I hadn’t heard of Echinacea before. I do have a few questions though. 

    1) Once you take it, how dependent do you become on the product? For instance, you mentioned that you get 2 to 3 colds a years if you are not taking it. Is this normal for you anyway or is this a side effect of taking it and then getting off of it? 

    2) Can you elaborate on the the side effects of taking it with alot of medication? If it is natural, I would assume it shouldn’t have an impact on current medication. 

    Overall, this was extremely informative for me and definitely something I’m going to look into!! 

    I’m so glad it has worked for you and you were able to beat this Covid and share your experience with me!

    • Stella says:


      Echinacea is safe to take with medication although you should be careful.  Echinacea is totally natural and is only to be used for 2 weeks at a time well at before each change of season.  It is not addictive in nature.

      If you can grow the plant flowers and leaves, then you will feel much better after making it into a mild tea.  I recommend Neal’s Yards Remedies where you can grow and blend your own herbs.  

      Fresh air is important and plenty of exercise makes a big difference as I am sure you know. A major difference is always to be of good cheer often.  I have just started to do this and know that God is the ultimate healer.  Nature is all around, there is beauty everywhere – in each one of us and around.

  5. Suz says:

    This is literally he first time that I am learning about this echinacea. It is good to be able to learn about something new that can help me with different health issues especially the one that is a big menace in the world now, the Corona flu. The reason why I can take your word for it even better is because you have had the flu before and you have overcome it too so sure, I’m getting this in my home.

    • Stella says:

      Yes Suz, echinacea is specifically for treating colds, flu and similar viruses.  The tincture form works very fast.  As I am prone to colds, this was one of the first supplements I got at the start of the pandemic.  If and when you do get it, you will see what I mean.  You only take a little, but it is very effective.  Much better than pharmacy medicine!

  6. Justin says:

    Hello Stella, thanks for this wonderful information. We all have been going through a lot of things since the pandemic started and its not been good at all. Seeing some things that could be used for the virus makes me happy but I really haven’t had enough trust for them. I really would like to stay back to learn more about this plant

    • Stella says:

      Hello Justin, I’m glad you liked reading about this plant!  I used to use echinacea years ago for a period of 4 years.  I didn’t have a cold or flu during that period of time.  When I stopped taking this supplement, I started having colds and flu again.

      Obviously a compromised immune system is  the real cause of being susceptible to every cold or flu virus going.  

      I recommend doing your research and before coming to a buying decision.

  7. Nath says:

    I wished a lot of people could’ve actually accessed this post earlier atleast, in the little ways possible, it might have had beneficial effect and probably minimize the casualty rate and the fatality effect of the corona virus. Echinacea is definitely a proven worthy to keep the body off flu related illness. Good one to see here

  8. Bruce says:

    You know sometimes, we don’t know the importance of what we have until it gets to rush and we are in serious need of a solution, it’s good that you got well and I think attacking health issues with natural means is a good one. Thanks for sharing about the benefits of echinacea, it has been really educative.

  9. Beesean says:

    Your article on the corona virus was such a  captivating read that I found myself completely enraptured reading from beginning to end thoroughly. It’s important to keep an healthy lifestyle during this period as the virus is airborne and also easily transmittable. It is good to learn something new about a global epidemic that has affected the whole world. 

    • Stella says:

      You read it from beginning to end?  

      Echinacea is a plant that has been around for all time, but few people know about it’s benefits.  If they did, less people would have died.  At least now, you and other curious people can find out and hopefully, use this wonderful plant to strengthen their immune system from flu viruses and cold symptoms.

  10. Molly says:

    Sorry to hear you got Coronavirus from a cashier… she should not have been at work that day!  But.. I am all for natural remedies for getting sick.  I typically take a product called Cold-Eeze which has high amounts of zinc.  A variation of their product also has echinacea and vitamin C.  It works like a charm and stops the cold or flu in its tracks.  Echinacea is great because you can get in a variety of ways… as a vitamin, as a tea, and I’m sure many more.  

    • Stella says:

      Yes, echinacea is brilliant…and don’t worry, I was fine – all I kept on having last year was a lot of colds, but I ended up being fine and am still in good health.

      Exercising every day also moves the lymph which keeps us healthy and reduces the need for echinacea…We all need to exercise more!

  11. Abel says:

    I haven’t been using echinacea but now that I’m reading it is an antibiotic remedy for treating a broad range of infections, I’ll certainly start using it.

    Thanks for also giving us a little bit of stats here on this post. It’s always nice to have some math to backup our claims. I will forward your post to a friend that is a stats-freek.

  12. Kokontala says:

    Hi, Yet another interesting article about ” can echinacea beat corona flu” I think here you are right about corona flu, serious precautions need to be taken to avoid any contact with this virus as it’s very dangerous because it leads to sudden death as you’ve clearly outlined in this article. Most of the content you share is always very helpful even to our lives and this has made me regularly visit your blog for more information relating to these harmful viruses. Thank you so much for this amazing post.

    • Stella says:

      I am glad you enjoyed reading this article and will also visit my blog often to discover more useful information about skin health and care.

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