Eczema Induced Depression

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I am sure that I am not the only one who has experienced a change in mood as a result of the debilitating eczema patches that appear on the skin from head to toe.

“Why is this?”, you may ask.

Well, this is because as people stared at me and treated me very differently due to the eczema on my skin which was clearly visible, I experienced eczema-induced depression which basically means that I was feeling down because of how people treated and viewed me.

Because of the stares from children and the isolation felt by people who could not relate to the eczema on my body, I had to find a way to solve my dilemma. There had to be a way out so that my mood would be normal and I would not be depressed anymore.

As it turns out, you may find that even though you are on steroids and are using steroid creams for your skin, your skin does not get any better. The reason being that steroids or using steroid cream, or even taking injections, only suppress the symptoms of eczema and do not treat the root cause.

It is clear that the only way to sort out eczema is by doing regular bowel cleansing over the course of a year and liver flushes at least once a month. These I have explained in my previous posts.

I noted that during the times of being depressed I often wore black even though the flakes from my skin would appear on it. I did not pay much attention to my hair so I probably appeared quite offensive to people. Even though I did try my best to stay clean due to the eczema and not wanting to get infected.

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I often felt misunderstood by people and they would frequently stare at me whenever I boarded a bus or train. Although I did go to church to socialise as well as pray and praise the Lord, I had to turn down invitations to weddings, christening and birthday parties. Reason being I could not wear the clothes to suit these occasions as the material would aggravate my skin.

So What Should I Wear?

As time wore on I noticed that the kind of material that would be useful for my skin was satin or loose cotton clothing. I threw away my duvet and resorted to using cotton throws and also cotton sheets and pillowcases. These were much more softer and cooling to my skin.

I also wore linen dresses that were not too expensive to buy. As for my shoes, I could not even wear plastic flip-flops and had to resort to using leather shoes or sandals for my feet. You also have to bear in mind that jewellery was a no-no whether it was earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

Make-up was also forbidden and I could not wear any hair extensions to make my hair look pretty. So you can understand why I was clearly depressed even though I often tried to smile while in conversation.

I really do understand what you have been going through.  Your mood changes when you have eczema. It definitely is not a pretty sight and people disregard you because you look off-putting to them even though they may not say this to you as they are too polite.

A Way Forward…

All I can say to all of this now is that I am not the kind of person who sits around staying depressed. I knew that the source of my depression was the eczema and I had to sort it out. I resorted to going off into the Nutricentre that was based near Regent’s Park in London.

I spoke to one of the nutritionists and got free advice as to the kind of supplements that would be useful for my skin. I spent lots of money and time going there at least twice a month.

They also had a bookstore and I went often to the Raw Food and Juicing section to find out recipes, and green smoothies ideas to use for my skin.

I also saw a nutritionist who was also a raw food coach and was based in Wandsworth Town, London. She recommended that I take green juices and plenty of wheatgrass juice. She gave me the address of suppliers of wheatgrass and I spent £150 on a wheatgrass juicer made of stainless steel and also bought a dehydrator and various books by Ann Wigmore.

One on sprouting and one on wheatgrass juice. I really wanted to educate myself and understand how to feed my body in a way that it could use the nutrients from my new food regime to the uttermost.

Fast forward to 2019 and my skin is very peachy. I still do bowel cleansing and liver flushing to help my skin be at its best. My hair, eyebrows and sideburns have grown back and I now have a full head of hair which is my trademark!

Lifestyle Changes

So there you have it, you see I do not spend plenty of time being up at night to the early hours of the morning on a computer or watching TV. I take the time to do the kind of exercise that is beneficial for my lifestyle.

For example, pilates which is a core strengthening exercise, Bikram yoga for stretching and joints. My skin is not at its best but at least the exfoliated flakes have stopped dropping to the floor in buckets!

I have a new lease on life and I still have maintained my sense of humour which got me through the years of eczema flare-ups. The reason why I’m writing this story is to encourage you to keep on going and find out the necessary things you need to do to change your lifestyle.

If it means changing your job to a less stressful one then do it. For example, I used to be a legal secretary and would travel around London as a temp . I found that the jobs I did were very stressful as I would normally be put in the deep end and left to get on with it.

I remember the time when I went to do a job not feeling my best and the people in the workplace told me they were vegetarians. They never got sick. At the time I did not take them seriously, but in retrospect, I realise they were right. I needed to change my lifestyle, which I did.

A lot of people might say that I went the drastic route but I had no choice. It was either my skin which would kill me if it got infected or a change in lifestyle. I took the latter as I wanted my hair to grow back and my nails to flourish.

I still have some way to go as my skin is wrinkled on my arms and feet due to the constant itching when I had the flare-ups. Green juices and smoothies and my kitchen gadgets are permanently left on the kitchen counter so that I can use them at a moment’s notice rather than rummaging around in the cupboard.

Over the years, many people have asked me how to clear skin and treat their children’s skin. This is one of the main reasons why I created this website because I knew that I could not tell them everything in one sitting.

Eczema is not something that you can clear quickly. It takes at least two weeks for you to see a difference in your skin, but the one good thing is that it can be solved naturally and you can return to vibrant health and moods as a result. If I can do it – so can you!

Bear in mind that I am not against steroid cream or dermatologists. It is just that these conventional methods do not work if your eczema is chronic. You are always at the mercy of those who are trying to treat you without understanding how to clear the root cause of eczema.

Diet is key and you need to change your food habits.

Avoid sugary, floury and dairy products that can aggravate and inflame your skin cells.

I cannot reiterate or emphasize enough that you need to change your eating habits and eat food based on meals around oily fish like salmon and avocado salad. Green juices are important and you will find that if you have at least four glasses a day spaced over the course of a day, your skin will take on a new hue within 2-4 weeks.

woman smiling

Well – do not take my word for it if you are sceptical, but try this for yourself and see what happens to your skin. Even people with eczema notice a glow about their face and an enhancement of mood which is a great bonus these days.

You can find out online that many people have taken to green juices and smoothies to solve the many health issues that they may have. As you can see, it is not only people with eczema or skin issues that can benefit from drinking green juices and avocado smoothies.

I recommend that you find out the kind of juices that you would like or the kind of avocado smoothies that you prefer. Buy a recipe book, get cracking at it and I will see you on the inside. If you have any comments or questions to let me know and I will be pleased to help you out.

12 thoughts on “Eczema Induced Depression

  1. Gillian says:

    I can totally relate to your article. I too had an eczema with patches mostly on my arms. I have visites dermatologist, my general doctor and they all prescribed the same cream that I can just use for a maximum of two weeks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and it always come back. I was heart broken also when my daughter inherited it and she too had patches on her legs at a very young age. I then discovered juicing and eating healthy foods mostly veggies and fruits and it worked on me. That is why I am teaching my little one to atleast eat a lot of fruits.

    • Stella says:

      Yes, eczema is a real pain especially since it can be inherited like you say.

      My son had it as a baby, but I managed to nip it in the bud.  He knew what to eat as he was taught by his nanny very well.

      But he is 10 now, and I have to re-coach him!

  2. Tucker says:

    I have never personally dealt with eczema, but as a teenager I struggled with depression related to the development of acne on my face, neck and back. I’ve never really talked to anyone about this, but the formation of several large cysts on my face (because I picked at them) really affected my overall confidence. 

    I tried many “unnatural” solutions, including prescription pharmaceuticals, steroids, lancing, and laser therapy (which was very painful). None of it really worked, but I was not of the mind to really go searching for natural solutions at that point in my life. I had never even considered the effect that my diet was having on the quality of my skin until many years later. 

    I think your blog is essential for anyone struggling with eczema-induced depression, as well as other skin conditions. Thank you for sharing your story and the solutions you found! 

    • Stella says:

      Wow, you seem to have really been through the mill with your skin.

      You are right – skin issues can affect anyone and bring them down emotionally.  But thank God for nature and all the solutions it provides.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this.  We live to learn!

  3. Nuttanee says:

    Oh no, I am sorry that you have to experience that. 

    People can be mean sometimes when they do not experience that themselves they do not care. And you are absolutely right, all the steroid creams only suppress the symptoms but do not fix the root of the problem. I do have eczema oh my hand and leg, i am glad it is not on my face but I do understand how you feel. 

    I am glad that you finally found the solution by detoxing. It is best to fix the problem within our body. You inspire me to watch what I eat, i will have to look into detox. My eczema is not bad now because I eat better and I use the dermatologist cream. 

    Thank you for such an inspiring post that made me want to start from within.


    • Stella says:

      Hi Nuttanee,

      Yes, we have to treat our skin like a baby before it becomes beautiful again.

      The real thanks must go to Derin Bepo who told me about eating raw food and juicing, my nutritionist, Jill Swyers and also such sites as that contained the Liver Flush recipe.  

      Also, one of my friend’s sons who told me about the importance of colon cleansing.  He made the biggest difference… 

      Because of these 3 people and 1 site, I am now clear.  Even if the eczema flares up again, I am not worried because I know exactly what to do!

      I am glad you enjoyed reading this article and find it useful.

      All the best,


  4. Sue says:

    Hi Stella, I want to thank you for such a valuable and heart wrenching message. I don’t have eczema  but my husband does, although he always tries to downplay any embarrassment issues (I suppose it’s a bit different for a man than a woman.) 

    He’s been to dermatologists since he was a kid but his eczema will get better, then flair up again. I will definitely be reading your other articles about bowel cleansing and liver flushes. Thanks for putting things into perspective for me. I’m so glad you’re doing well now and blossoming!


    • Stella says:

      Thanks Sue,

      I hope you learn how to clear your husband’s eczema through the posts I’ve written.  It really has been a long road, but I feel if I can help other people overcome their suffering, it has been worth it.

      Tell me how he gets on and if you need any help, just let me know.

      Take care,


  5. Abel says:

    Giving the tweak to the way we live can really help a lot to ensure that we stay ahead of our inflammation which can really be annoying and worrisome. Very good to see that this is really receivin best acceptance and recognition which is really great to see. Thank you so much for sharing this post out here.

    eczema can really have a lot of negative impacts on us but knowing how to deal with it is good.

    • Stella says:

      Yes, I hear you Abel…

      It can be dealt with very easily – simply wean yourself off sugar and anything containing it.  Natural or otherwise…Replace with green apples – not juice and at least one 7 veg salad a day.  

      I suggested this to one of my friends and her daughter’s full body eczema cleared up in 6 weeks.  She managed to pass her exams as a result.  Tsimone is still clear 5 years later and enjoys eating a salad a day.

      We all can help one another can’t we?  

      Hope you get better soon.

  6. Payton says:

    I have never had that in mind before that eczema could actually be a cause for a person to go into depression. This serves as a big eye opener to me. I have a younger niece who has eczema and she has really isolated herself from people but I didn’t understand why. Now I see why and I can really relate your story to hers. I’m hoping to help her that’s why I came to your website and you have proffered a really good solution to me. 

    • Stella says:

      Understanding your niece is important and this is where you are really showing some kindness towards her.  Pray for her and help her learn to forgive.  Being of good cheer is a sign that things are looking better.  Knowing that your niece  is loved  – just the way God does – will help her smile.

      Keep believing for her and her skin will improve.  Together we win!

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