Seaweed Therapy For Eczema

Aalgo seaweed powder in tub on nest of twigs

Aalgo Seaweed Therapy for Eczema

Eczema is known to come in two main forms – dry and wet.  Whatever type of eczema you have, it can be healed with Aalgo seaweed.  I used many a tub of this when I was going through the worst of my flare ups.  And the seaweed bath was something I looked forward to every day.

Aalgo Seaweed is harvested off the North West, West and South West coasts of Ireland.  It contains high concentrations of B1, B2, B3, B6, E, H, K3 Vitamin C and beta-carotene and many minerals.

The Aalgo company produces an organic seaweed power by harvesting this wild seaweed by hand.  Nothing is added and nothing is taken away from it.  Whether you are having  facial or having a bath, this powdered seaweed nourishes the body and improves well being.  It also helps clear the skin of rashes, dryness and itchy skin.

While working very well for eczema and psoriasis, the lymphatic system is also stimulated.  You are detoxified and thus feel revitalised and refreshed.

Water is the ingredient that activates the 100% seaweed products.  In powder form, the product lasts longer because you choose when to activate it with water.  This removes the need for stabilizers and preservatives.

Your skin can safely absorb the goodness of the sea.  It can be used on young children’s skin as well.

How Aalgo Seaweed Company Began

Aalgo is a family-owned and operated business.  It began due to a family member suffering from really bad eczema.  Tom suffered as a baby with eczema and was even taken to Switzerland and America by his parents for treatment.  Nothing worked.

As he grew older, he began to seek alternative treatment to conventional medicine.  He noticed his skin always improved after he had been seimming in the sea while on holidays.  After a couple of years experimenting with different seaweeds and quantities, Tom finally came up with a mix of seaweeds that worked.  And Aalgo was born!

Now Tom doesn’t have a mark on his body and has been eczema clear for 29 years.

Aalgo seaweed powder is available in a limited number of health spas, health shops, health farms, exhibitions and now predominantly online.

What Makes Aalgo Seaweed So Special?

The sea is the source of many healing advantages.  As a result, the Aalgo team aim to prevent people – children included – from suffering the insane itch, pain and irritability brought about by skin disorders.  To maintain their position as market leaders in the field of seaweed therapy, the 100% organic seaweed is taken from naturally cultivated seaweed beds which are changed on a regular basis.

Instructions for Use

Add 2 heaped tablespoons of Aalgo powder into a lukewarm bath.  Bathe every day without showers where possible, so as to keep the invisible residue of Aalso on your skin.

Lie back with hyour neck muscles in the water to completely de-stress and relax.

Have an Aalgo bath every day until clear, then once a week thereafter.

If unable to bathe, mix some Aalgo powder with water into a wateru cream and apply all over your body, leaving on for about 5-10 minutes.  Then shower off.  Always make sure the shower is at half-power and is only lukewarm

In a short period of time you will notice:

  • the dreadful itch will be totally soothed
  • any area scratched raw will heal
  • the dry, scaly skin will naturally and gently exfoliate away allowing renewed skin with a soft, supple and clear appearance.


Always use lukewarm water as hot water dries and irritates the skin.  Enjoy having a long, relaxing Aalgo bath once a week.

If you feel the slightest dry skin, have a bath at night.  If you have a stressful day, bath that night and get uyour neck muscles in teh water.

Always have an Aalgo bath after swimming in an indoor pool to counter the effects of chlorine.

face with seaweed mask on


Facial Eczema

Mix 2 tablespoons of Aalgo with enough hot water to make a cream

Cool to blood temperature

Apply with a spatula or the back of a spoon

Leave on for 2 minutes

Removed with lukewarm water and cotton wool.

Close pores with cold water and cotton wool.

Pat till damp

Then Apply moisturiser.

Aalgo Team suggest using the seaweed mask daily for about 2 minutes until skin is clear.  Then three times a week for two weeks. After this, just using the mask once a week will be enough to maintain beautiful skin.

Scalp Eczema – Seborrheic Dermatitis

For your scalp, mix one tablespoon to a watery seaweed cream and apply all through the hair and scalp.

Cover with cling film (saran wrap) – keeping behind ears.

Leave on for 15 minutes.

Wash out with Aalgo Seaweed Shampoo Bar. Wash and rinse twice.

Do this daily til scalp is clear.  Always wash your hair with the Seaweed Shampoo bar and if necessary use a natural conditioner.  For example, Forever Living Aloe Jojoba Conditioner.

Hands and Feet Eczema – Pompholyx

For the hands – (get some large plastic gloves).  Mix Aalgo to a seaweed cream with warm water.  Pour into gloves only half filling them. Then put your hands into the gloves.  This way you will get the paste all over your fingers and hands.

Sit like this for about 20 minutes then rinse your hands in a prepared basin of lukewarm water. (Not under a running tap).

Then pat damp.  There will be a residue left on your hands which you will absorb though your pores during the night.  This will hydrate your skin from the inside out. Repeat this daily until your hands are 100% clear.

For the feet;  Mix Aalgo to a thick seaweed cream with warm water.  Apply at blood temperature to the soles of the feet and all around the heels.  Cover loosely with cling film, put on socks and leave overnight.

In the morning, rinse your feet in a basin of lukewarm water and rub the area with your hands.  Pat dry then moisturise.

NB.  If you are diabetic, do not leave overnight. Only leave on the cream for about half an hour and then rinse off in a basin of lukewarm water.

When showering, always have a basin with enough water and some Aalgo seaweed powder dissolved in it outside of the shower.  For you to step into once you have finished showering.  This will remove the residue of shampoo, shower gel, soap, etc, that are in the foot-well of the shower.  They prevent your feet from healing.

If there was no residue, we wouldn’t have to clean out our shower afterwards.

Always remember to let skin dry leaving a residue of seaweed cream on your skin before moisturising.  This will enable your skin to heal faster.

Aalgo Seaweed Products can be bought from



16 thoughts on “Seaweed Therapy For Eczema

  1. Kwidzin says:

    Seaweed must be one of the worlds oldest medicines as it can be used for all sorts of illnesses as well as being a good dietry contribution. But i didnt realise that it was also good for eczema as well. So I’ve learned something new. Thanks for sharing this article. It’s been very educational to read.

    • Stella says:

      Yes, I used Aalgo seaweed powder in my bath for many years and it was especially useful when I was going through flare ups.  

      It is very soothing and makes for a good night’s sleep when used in the evening. I’m glad you enjoyed finding out about the use of seaweed for skin problems.

  2. Ann says:

    I will try this. It only takes 20 minutes before we wash away with lukewarm water. Thanks for warning us to not use tap water. I also like that throughout the night, the residue is absorbed and it keeps on working from the inside out. I will come back here and share what type of results I get. For now, thank you very much!

    • Stella says:

      Yes Ann, read the instruction very carefully and follow to a T.  You will get very good results.

      The instructions are also on their website.  1 kg of Aalgo Seaweed Powder will last for at least 2 months depending on your use of it. So it is very well worth the price.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this article!

  3. Parameter says:

    I love the way you put it, the sea is the source of many healing advantages. We are blessed with a lot of natural resources that we can take advantage of. I love the way you opened up on seaweed, it’s balance concentration of vitamins and minerals and its diverse functionality especially for Eczema

  4. Kokontala says:

    Hi there, pleased to meet you. I went through your article on seaweed therapy for eczema. I found it very helpful. Little did I know that seaweed nourishes the body and improves the well being as you clearly stated. I’ve been struggling with skin problems for quite long now. I have a rush and painful skin, sometimes it gets reddish. I will be trying the seaweed and I hope it brings the best results for me. Thanks for sharing such an amazing piece of writing with us.

    • Stella says:

      Hi Koko,

      Yes Aalgo seaweed is definitely brilliant for your dry skin and will also help relax you so you get a pleasant sleep afterwards.

      Do follow the instructions closely so that you get the desired results.

      Take care!

  5. AL. S. says:

    I really like that Aalgo Seaweed therapy is all natural. A lot of other therapies and creams have a lot of preservatives, and chemicals that are not necessarily good for us or the environment. I do not have eczema, but I think that this product could help me in the dry skin that I get from working outside in the desert. 

    • Stella says:

      Yes, Aalgo Seaweed can definitely help you with dry skin and also give you a pleasant sleep at the same time.  Desert air is very dry, so you should see a marked improvement by using Aalgo seaweed powder in you baths or shower.

      Do follow the instructions provided closely, so you get the desired result.

  6. Groomy Dude says:

    Hello Stella,

    I am nearing 50 now and have battled eczema most of my life. I did not have it as an infant or even a child but it came on later in what I now call my youth. It is an irritating condition.

    When I first got it and went to the doctor to figure out what the heck was going on, they prescribed me some medication for it. A tube about the size of a toothpaste tube was $120. It did work wonders but man, that was too expensive! I wish I had this info then! This would have saved me a small fortune!

    I have found a skin care regiment and learned what to avoid to prevent flare-ups but when I do have one, I am coming here to get some Aalgo Seaweed products!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


    • Stella says:

      The good thing about following a regime for clearing eczema is that you can actually end up with skin that is healthier than before you had the eczema.

      I find that medication only helps to suppress the symptoms of itching,  And also thins the skin when used long-term.  When you stop the medication, it flares right back up again. Hence going the natural route.  

      I am in my 50s as well, but because of all the juicing I do daily, I look much younger.  

      The ‘good’ thing about having eczema is that it’s external which means which means most sufferers are desperate to find a routine that works for them.  If eczema was internal, it would take a lot to discover the route cause and get round to dealing with it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post….

  7. Skeptic says:

    I’ll admit that I don’t have a whole lot of experience with eczema, but I have a couple friends who have it, and from what I remember, it’s really unpleasant. 

    I need to keep this in mind for when I see them next. I’m not too surprised to see something mundane like seaweed be used to treat it, though. My brother used to get really terrible nose bleeds and using a saline rinse (not the neti pot) cleared that right up. 

    You don’t know how helpful this is to people. Thank you for doing the hard work of finding solutions for people!

    • Stella says:

      Yes, eczema is a horrible experience and can also make calm people very nervous through the constant itching

      Seaweed therapy makes a huge difference….

  8. Steve says:

    What a great site. I never knew you could use seaweed or seaweed extracts for eczema. A very informative and well written article. you have laid everything out in a way that is easy to understand, yet the depth of information is incredible. What I especially like is how you explain how to use this and the benefits in using it. Thank you for sharing and yes, I will spread the love.


    • Stella says:

      Thanks Steve, for the compliments!  Seaweed is brilliant for skin and I have used Aalgo products personally and have noticed a great improvement in my skin health.

      Thanks also for spreading the love!

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