Moisturizing Eczema with Moor Mud Baths

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Moor Mud to The Rescue

My skin was fine up til March this year, when I started wearing a keyring necklace….I grew allergic to that and began to scratch my neck.  The eczema spread to my shoulders and the top of my back. Three months on, even though I was having clay baths, my skin was still itchy although not sore.  I then switched to using Moor Mud in my baths and the difference was noticed immediately.

All of a sudden, my body wasn’t as itchy and remained moisturized for 24 hours!  I didn’t have to use so much cream.  I should have remembered that clay even when used in a bath, is drying.  Whereas, mud is moisturising for skin.  It is even written on the Moor Mud tub, that expect to see up to 7% more moisturization for your skin when you use it.  

You can use it up to 3 ways.  Apply as a mud mask to your body or face, add one tablespoon in a warm bath and soak for 30 minutes, or drink it in the form of Herbal Bouquet.  Don’t worry, it has been sterilised to get all the nasty bacteria out.

 Where is Moor Mud From?

It is found in Lowland Moors in Austria and Hungary.  These moors are called Pelloids and have been formed by Mother Nature over the course of some 20,000 years through the decomposition of plant life.

These elements and minerals as well as a host of fauna and flora, a partial list is constantly referred to in the book – The Moor – Nature’s Healing Miracle.

Spa Centres in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Hungary use Moor Mud to treat the whole body and provide such benefits as joint mobility and skin health.

Moor Spa International has over 20 years experience distributing Moor Products worldwide.

Peter J. Hudson says about the herbs that make up Moor Mud:

“Although herbs are slow workers, they carry out their healing action deeply and thoroughly without dangerous side effects.

They are unique compared with other herbal agencies in that they contain not just one or two herbal ingredients, but the many active biological, bio-mineral and organic substances derived over thousands of years from hundreds of medicinal herbs, plants, roots, stalks, blossoms, fruits, seeds, leaves and tubers which have  been known for centuries in folk medicine.

Their healing efficacy has stood the test of time, proof of which is in the amazing cures as witnessed by very many physicians interested in the corrective effects of the Moors of Austria and Hungary.

Proof of Science

Over the last 40 or more years, some 200 leading scientists and doctors from Europe have clinically tested the Moors in Austria and Hungary.  Their findings have made it possible to offer medical treatment for a whole range of conditions.

These spas are recognised and recommended by the National Medical Insurance Schemes of Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Hungary.

They have remained leaders of natural treatment for a whole diversity of chronic illnesses over the last 30 years or so.

Austrian and Hungarian Moors Are Special

These moors are the result of interacting chemicals, biological and bio-chemical changes which are reliant upon flora and fauna being present, including favourable and geological environments.

A further important pre-requisite for a medicinal moor is that it must have evolved from hundreds of herbal species and plants in their entirety.  That is, roots, stalks, blossoms, fruits, seeds, tubers and leaves.  This is the material from which the healing Moors originate.

The wide range of therapeutic properties present in the living herbs and plants such as vitamins, minerals, trace and micro-agents, hormones and antibiotics are all held and preserved in the final stages of the process.  The unique molecular structure is present in the Moor treatments.

As Moor mud is merely harvested and not manufactured, it can be truly said that it is “The Living Gift of Nature” which modern science cannot duplicate.

There are many instances of eczema being healed by using and taking a Moor Mud Bath.  I simply put 1 tablespoon of Moor Mud in a warm bath and soak for 50 minutes.  I do not rinse off.  I then moisturise my body while it is still damp and drift off to a dreamy sleep once in bed.

I notice that I tend to sleep deeper and quickly after having a Moor Mud bath.

The Herbal Bouquet is edible and all you need is one tablespoon a day.  I notice my facial skin is smooth and glowing whenever I drink a course of this.

Example of Conditions Treated by the Herbs Contained in Moor

  • Pearlwort               Heavy breathing
  • Elecampane.         Haemorrhoids
  • Wood Angelica      Wounds
  • Arnica                    Bleeding
  • Dwarf Elder Root   Dropsy, kidney, rheumatism
  • Eyebright               Weak sight
  • Herb Bennet          Gums
  • Valerian                  Heart
  • Bilberry                   Diarrhoea
  • Migwort                  Epilepsy
  • Comfrey                 Bone fracture
  • Henbane                 Arthritis
  • Birches                   Hair Disease
  • Common budk-bean Anaemia
  • Brennkraut             Eczema
  • Butterwort              Lungs

This is by no means the full list of herbs in Moors.  There are over 8 pages of a whole list of herbs and the complaint they treat.  I don’t want to bore you!

I will be buying the Herbal Bouquet this week to make sure my skin starts looking youthful instead of inflamed.

If you want to try Moor Mud for yourself  click here…You’ll be glad you did!


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10 thoughts on “Moisturizing Eczema with Moor Mud Baths”

  1. This is such an excellent, enlightening article! I did not know that moors can increase the moisture in your skin by up to seven percent. Also, I am pleased that you gave your product lots of credibility. The fact that this stands the tests of time across the globe makes me want to try this out for myself. It sounds utterly amazing, simple, and effective. 

    Speaking of which, can this substance treat chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes? Could your write a follow up article about this product?

    Above all, I think this is a rather interesting topic that gives the natural world even more credit. Very well done!

    • There  is an edible version of Moor Mud called Herbal Bouquet.  It can be used for asthma and also diabetes.  If you go to the website, you can talk to the founder directly.  

      Her name is Dee Unruh and she is a lovely person to talk with.  It is a free 0800 number.  However, that number is only free if you are in the UK…

      • Hello, thank you for the information. You helped answer one of my questions about the Moor Mud. The question I had was does drinking it help with other areas of the body other than the face.

        • Hi David,

          Yes, Herbal Bouquet is the drinkable version of Moor Mud. It helps with your whole body. Other products they have are Moor Mud shampoo, conditioner, exfoliator and nourishing creams.

  2. It’s great to know that moor mud is an antibiotic and astringent. That means it has a cleansing effect on skin and is used in skin care as a facial or an entire body pack. And I have also found out treatments with moor mud improve circulation, staves off wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy glow.

    • Yes Abel, and it is also edible – you can even drink slightly sterilised Moor Mud in the form of Herbal Bouquet by Moor Spa Body Care….That healthy glow will stay as long as you keep  on drinking it!

  3. I am a fan of herbs and spices and use them often for my overall well-being. For example bay leaves, mugwort, turmeric, and cinnamon among others. It is great to know there is more natural healing substance from the land provided by Mother Nature. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

    My daughter has sensitive skin and rashes developed on her hands and arms when come in contact with certain things. We can’t ascertain what she is allergic to because it happens randomly. Anyway, I’ll check out Moor Mud. Thanks again for this.  

    • Hi Sharon, 

      Your daughter will absolutely love Moor Mud because it gets rid of the conditions you described here.  It is also very relaxing and gives a pleasant sleep.

      I’d love to know how this turns out for you and your daughter…


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