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I have done several bowel cleanses, but nothing is as powerful and skin transforming as a liver flush done after the bowel cleanse.

You must take care and do your cleanses in the right order;

  1. Bowel Cleanse
  2. Parasite Cleanse
  3. Liver Flush


You will need the following:

Grapefruit Juice and Grapefruit

1 cup of olive oil ,

4 large grapefruit ,

4 tablespoons of Epsom salts,

3 cups of drinking water                 




  • Choose 2 days when you have time to yourself – maybe the weekend or so.
  • In the morning of the first day, have a light breakfast and at least 4 glasses of water during the course of the morning. Then do not drink or eat anything after 2.00pm in the afternoon.
  • Next mix the 4 tablespoons of epsom salts into the  drinking water. Place this into your fridge.
  • At 6.00pm, drink 1 8oz cup of the epsom salt water mixture.  Don’t mind the taste – the coldness will take the edge off it.
  • At 8.00pm, drink another  8oz cup of the epsom salt water mix.
  • At 9.30, juice the grapefruit (simply cutting them in half and squeezing them with your hands will do fine). This should make 3/4 of a cup of juice.
  • Thoroughly mix the grapefruit juice with 1/2 cup of the olive oil. For best results, use a blender.
  • Drink the mixture down immediately after making it – it is quite pleasant, so don’t worry.
  • Without doing the washing up – go to bed immediately and lay on your back.
  • You will feel your stomach gurgling slightly.  Try to go to sleep and not move for at least 20 minutes.
  • The following morning, you will wake up at 6.00am and feel the need to go to the toilet.

This will happen several times during the morning.


NB. In Dr Hulda Clarke’s method on the Curezone site, mention is made of drinking more of the epsom saltwater mix in the morning.  Personally, I find just the 2 glasses the previous day to be enough.

Normally, by 10.00am, I am fine and can eat a light brunch.

By 4.00pm in the afternoon, you  will feel really good. For example, more energy, whites of eyes clear, softer skin, especially on your face. Eyebags disappear and so does chronic knee and back pain.

To find out more about bowel cleansing and liver flushing, I recommend Dr Bernard Jensen’s book called Bowel Care and Tissue Management.  You should be able to find it online on Amazon.

Please note that liver flushes should be done at least once a month  only after bowel and parasite cleansing.

You will also need to take probiotics like Biokult to restore the good bacteria in your gut to normal levels.

I am in the process of helping my Mum do a liver detox as well as a good friend of mine.

I am researching a different method that could be gentler on the body as my Mum is in her 70s and my friend is in her early 60s.  It is the Dr Schulze liver detox programme and takes 5 days to complete with full instructions.

So watch this space!


In October, Mum complained of pan underneath her ribs.  I suspected a gallbladder attack.  Her doctor said the same and recommended hospital.  I realised that Mum needed attention straight away.  On Thursday I prepared all the ingredients listed in the Liver Flush Protocol and stayed overnight to see Mum drink it and see her through til the following morning.

RESULT!   No more pain under ribs!…Mum had already bowel cleansed so was  in good shape for this.  She is also taking DME (diatomaceous earth) to kill any parasites she may have.  1 tablespoon in a glass of water daily.

As an extra note, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Further Update: October 5, 2019

I did not buy Dr Schulze’s Liver Protocol as his company stated that some of the products listed are banned from England.  More’s the pity!  The herbs are fit for human consumption, but the UK has got rather eccentric with it’s laws.  Some herbs are considered ‘bad’ even when taken as instructed.  So I used the P&B shakes mentioned in another post on this site.

Then encouraged Mum to do the Liver Flush which helped her a lot.  She is still juicing, although has backtracked on salads.  I have tried to encourage her to eat more beans sprouts and also bean dishes.  She prefers to eat carbohydrate based meals.  I have chosen to let her be.  At least she still tries to keep hydrated, so I cannot complain.

Now to work on my dear cousin who I take as my brother since we grew up together. So far, I have persuaded him along the lines of bringing his belly down with herbal cleansing.

This is going to be real interesting!


22 thoughts on “Liver Flush Protocol

  1. Oscar says:

    The protocol definitely seems to work. However, I would like to know about why you would have to do a liver flush once a month. Please share the results. Although you said that chronic back and knee pain go away, I just wonder what other effects have you seen that work?


    • Stella says:

      Hi Oscar, there are lots of things that I noticed after doing the liver flush,  First, my skin has become as smooth as a baby’s on my face and all my friends and family have noticed.  The whites of my eyes have  become clearer and my vision has improved.

      My eyebags have disappeared and I have more energy in the mornings after I’ve woken up.

      I have also lost 6kg which was mostly water weight. Some of my allergies have disappeared as well and I can eat some banned foods now and then without reacting.  I can also use the central heating without itching.

      I would only recommend a liver flush to a healthy person and only after they have cleansed their bowel or they could become ill which I have mentioned in the relevant post.

  2. Vicki says:

    This is such a great flush and the epsom salts would have quite the effect on your body thats for sure

    I want to do it but am a little nervous it may make me feel unwell

    I think it is all in my mind as I find it hard to drink Spirulina but really want to try this especially knowing how well you feel from this so I will give it a go thank you – I think lol 🙂 Wish me luck

    • Stella says:

      Dear Vicki,

      Make sure to do a bowel cleanse first.  This prepares your body for a liver flush.

      Do some research about Dr Hulda Clarke to set your mind at rest about the procedure of liver flushing. It is her method I state on my post.

  3. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great post and good info!

    I know things about clean the liver but this method is new to me.

    It also seems to be much healthier than the one I was doing!

    Cleaning your liver can extend your life, to get rid of all the bad things in it.

    I’m going to try this out, really thanks for sharing it!

    • Stella says:

      Hi Emmanuel,

      As mentioned in my post, you MUST do a bowel cleanse first to prepare your body for a liver flush…

      I cannot stress this enough.

  4. Bill says:

    Stella, I wish I knew about this before taking some prescriptions from the doctor. Cleansing the bowels regularly and doing a Liver Flush makes so much sense. I have had intestinal issues all my life, and this will make it so much better overall. I plan on doing a Bowel cleanse this weekend. How soon should I do a liver after this? 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Bill,

      What kind of bowel cleansing are you doing?  If it is herbal, you will need 2-3 months

      If a colonic, you need to do at least 2  depending on how toxic and constipated you are…or have been.  In short, a bowel cleanse takes more than a weekend.

      You can do a liver flush after this, but make sure you do it on 2 days when you have time to rest.

      If you have any further questions, do feel free to ask.

  5. Epic Linx says:

    I find this so interesting because I have never done anything like this before but I would like to try it.  I really believe in natural remedies and this appears to be a simple and easy way to take care of our bodies. My question is though, is there a right or wrong way to do  this as I’m concerned of the effects I might experience during or after doing this? Also I gather that the bowel cleanse should be done prior, correct?

    • Stella says:

      Yes Epic,

      Bowel cleansing should always been done first to prepare your body for the flush.. Herbal bowel cleanses are gentle, effective and safe.

      I have given you the instructions for the liver flush. As long as you take 2 days to allow your body to rest during the flush.  You should be fine.  Make sure to follow the times in the methods strictly.

      Otherwise you will get fewer stones out.  Liver flushes are quite safe and even 80 year olds can do them with some support.  I helped my mother do a liver flush in August and she was absolutely fine afterwards.  She is almost 80.

      As you are probably not as old and in reasonably good health you should feel fine afterwards.

      If you have any further questions, do let me know Michael.

  6. Vincent says:

    Hi. I want to know the effects of liver flushing. I know ny internals will be cleanse but will there be any changes in my body or my skin? Will I feel something different when I do this? I wan to try this but I want to know what will happen in my body first. 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Vincent,

      I wrote about the effects of Liver Flushing in my post…Basically, everything you need to fix up in your body, will fix up.  The only thing is that you will need to do at least 3 -4  flushes over a period of 2 months to see a large difference in your body.  

      For example, as mentioned in my post – whites of your eye will be very clear, smoother skin, eye bags diminish, wrinkles on face disappear, joint pains vanish, plenty of energy.

      Make sure to do the bowel cleansing first thought, alright?

      All the best!

  7. Todd Matthews says:

    I see so many of these flushes and cleanses to be confusing and a long process, but this one is actually very straightforward and easy to do. For me, the challenge would be the post-2pm fast, but if it’s only for a day or two, I can handle it. You mentioned this helps get rid of chronic knee/back pain, but what about the shoulder and elbow joints, will it help alleviate those, too? If so, I should give this a shot. 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Todd,

      You will not feel hungry as it is all done in one day…You are not fasting a whole day…You have breakfast in the morning and don’t eat after 2pm the same day.

      Then, you drink you Epsom salt mixture at 6, 8pm followed by the Grapefruit/Olive oil mixture…

      In fact you will feel rather full!

      Yes, if you have arthritic pain, you will find it easing up as the stones that the liver flush gets rid of, free up your system pathways.

      All the best, Todd…

  8. Queen says:

    I am considering doing this Liver flush and found your recommendation really suitable.

    But I didn’t know I have to first do the bowel cleanse before the liver.

    Do you have any article you can reffrr me to about bowel cleansing?

    And about the timing, must it be exactly as yiu’ve stated above, or can I choose a different time but give the necessary hours inbetween? 

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Stella says:

      Yes, Queen,

      I have written an article on my site about Bowel Cleansing…

      As for the timing, it is following the body’s natural biorythm.  If you choose a different time, you may not get as many stones out.

      All the best Queen….

  9. Aye2019 says:

    Hi Stella,

    This is great. I paid much attention reading the method in your content and I have a feeling it’s going to work. And, I’m going to find a time to do it. Besides, I had to google what Epsom salt is since I hadn’t heard it before.

    Also, I’m a guy and I get pimples a lot anytime I shave. I will be glad if you have an idea on what I can do to get rid of it.


    • Stella says:

      Hi Aye,

      If you follow the instructions for liver flushing to the letter, you will see a great improvement in your skin.  However, you might have to take a look at your diet and see what foods are causing your acne as well…

      All the best, 


  10. Liz says:

    Well I learnt something new today! I had never heard of a liver flush! So the ingredients and method stated here…is it similar to the effects of Aloe drinks? I know the guys on the beach swear by aloe to cleanse and  some doctors do too. I really would like to try this but the thought of epsom salts!

    Mind you Aloe tastes pretty bad…lol…

    • Stella says:

      Hi Liz,

      The difference of a a liver flush compared with aloe is that you will definitely see a lot of stones in your stool, the morning after.

      Aloe drinks no matter the brand, do not do that. Liver flushing using the  ingredients I mentioned, is a whole different ball game.  

      You also have to relax the following morning after doing the liver flush at night as you will be spending the morning on the toilet passing stones.

      Take care to follow the instructions to the letter…

  11. Sandikazi Scwebu says:

    Great post, it’s very helpful.  My mom used to force us to drink the Epsom salt mixture.  I used to hate it, it tastes bad.  But she never explained what it does to the skin or body, perhaps we could have been more willing. 

    But your explanation of how it functions convince me to use it again.  Will definitely do bowel cleansing from now.  Are there any side effects that you are aware of?

    • Stella says:

      Hi Sandikazi,

      If you follow the instructions and do not deviate, you should be fine.

      All you need to do is remember that you will have a runny stool the morning after using the Epsom Salt mixture. So you need to make sure you are at home and take it easy in the morning.

      You should feel thoroughly better and full of energy by early evening of the day after the cleanse.

      Your Mum took good care of you!

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