Juicing and Juicers – For Glowing Skin

Juicing and Juicers – For Glowing Skin

If you have chronic eczema that has changed the texture of your skin, heed the advice of my nutritionist – “Drink green juices to heal your skin from the inside.” Why do I say this? Because it worked on me.

Within 3 months of having full body flare ups, my skin was smooth and glowing. Green juices may seem gross, but there is a way of making them really tasty. Believe me! Read on to see how green juices can rejuvenate your skin quicker.

I usually drink between 1-2 litres of green juice daily for breakfast.  Whenever I stop for a few months,  I notice that the palms of my feet and hands get rough to the touch.  My skin also starts to wrinkle…Looks like it’s back to the gym to tone up!   Not every juicer is the same.

There are two main types – Centrifugal and Slow Masticating.

Personally, I went through. 4 juicers of the former type and settled for a slow masticating juicer that has been well worth the extra splurge of cash.

So what’s the difference?

centrifugal juicer

Centrifugal juicers have a spinning basket in the centre of the juicer and also juice your vegetables and fruit very fast.  Slow masticating juicers have a screw type grinding attachment that separates the pulp from the juicer at a slow speed.

Slow masticating juicers keep more nutrients in your juice as there is less heat due to the slow grinding action. They are also more expensive.  We are talking £150-£1,500.

Centrifugal juicers can be bought in most general shops and are useful for the person who is just beginning to juice and who drinks just one to two glasses of juice daily.  However, when I started to make 6 glasses of juice daily, the juicer would pack up on me and often certain pieces would break

I finally bit the bullet and splurged  on an Oscar 900 Juicer which is still serving  me well 5 years later.

slow masticating juicer - oscar 900
Slow Masticating Juicer – Oscar 900 

Sometimes I have mistakenly broken the front end parts whilst in use but have replaced them.  The motor has always worked fine.  Just to let you know, the difference between a juicer and a blender is that the juicer separates the pulp from the fruit/vegetable whilst the blender makes a smoothie of the whole fruit/vegetable which is chopped up into small pieces, then blended smooth.

I use a Vitamix blender as it is great for blending even nuts and seeds.  It is powerful enough to make nut butter and various spreads, dips as well as nutmilks.   As it is a blender, you may need to add water  or other liquids to enable the blender do its job efficiently.

Here’s a Typical Example of a Juice I make:

Carrot Apple Delight

You will need:

  • 5 carrots
  • 2 apples
  • 1 cucumber
  • A handful of parsley including stalks
  • 2 slices of lemon
  • 1/4 inch of ginger root


1.   Simply chop carrots and cucumber in half and then length ways. Put each  piece in juicer.

2.  Then chop the apple and juice.

3.  Add ginger toot and lemon slices including the rind

4. Juice the ingredients, drink and enjoy

Note:  It is standard practice to add the juice of one quarter of a lemon slice to any of your juices to keep it looking fresh and help retain the colour.

A Typical Example of a Blend/Smoothie

Using the same ingredients as you did for  the juicer, chop all the fruit and veg into smaller pieces and add to your blender 1/2 a cup of water.

Remember to remove the lemon rind when making this.

Blend on slow speed at first for 10 seconds, then gradually increase speed to high for 30 seconds. If the veg or fruit is hard like carrots or sweet potatoes, blend for up to a minute.

Job done!  Drink and enjoy your smoothie!

You can also make soups, purees, pates and nut butters with a Vitamix blender.

As a rule of thumb, when making your juice, you want to choose fruit-vegetables like tomatoes or cucumbers because they contain a lot of water.  They also make strong tasting leafy vegetables, like kale or coriander, more bland.

Make sure you use 1/3 leafy vegetables to either 1 chopped cucumber or at least 6 organic tomatoes.

You can also juice sprouted beans, lentils and alfalfa to add more nutrition to your juice or blend.

For more flavour, add turmeric, mint leaves or ginger…And enjoy your juice or juiced blend!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.


78 thoughts on “Juicing and Juicers – For Glowing Skin

  1. Andrew G says:

    Yes, it’s kind of easy to get away from juicing or blending. I will have to get back to it with my preference of the whole part or as you brought out, blending. I can taste this ingredient all together blended into one carrots and apples all together. Thanks for the bit of motivation

    • Stella says:

      My pleasure Andrew…

      As long as you keep your blender in view on your kitchen counter, you will make use of it.  Carrot and apple is a very tasty blend – so get to it!

  2. Vivi says:

    Thanks for this articles.
    I use a centrifugal juicer and I love it, it allows me to make juices out of practically anything. However, since I usually make juice just for one (myself!), I find it annoying to clean such a piece of equipment every single day. Besides, I prefer my orange juice with pulp!
    I am considering weather or not I should change my system. A blender does seem like the simpler way to go but I would have to add some water to some fruits, like apples…
    I will definetely try your recipes, they sound amazing!

    • Stella says:

      Hi Vivi,

      I totally agree with you about cleaning a centrifugal juicer.  It is rather a pain, isn’t it?

      You could also make some juice with your juicer to go in your blends instead of water if you want.  It’s more nutritious, but requires more washing up…

      Do try my recipes – they are nice, very nice.

  3. Staci says:

    I have several family members who suffer from eczema. it seems like nothing works permanently. My daughter actually was born with it. So I’m guessing its something I fed her while I was pregnant? I don’t know but its super frustrating. I’ve tried to clean up her diet but she just doesn’t like it. can you recommend anything for kids with eczema who are super picky about their foods?

    • Stella says:

      Sorry to hear about your family plight with eczema Staci!

      Green juices made with green apples and cucumber are tasty.  Also, put evening primrose oil into her food and mix it in.  5-10 capsules a day should be enough to work in her system  You can also cut down on sugary drinks as this is the main culprit that causes inflammation and itchy skin.

      Let me know how you get on Staci…it would be good to hear your family is healing…

  4. Kat says:

    Thanks for the great tip about adding a little lemon. Lemon is very good for you too, I think, so it certainly can’t hurt to add a little!

    I have just a small nutri-bullet for my personal smoothie needs. I live in such a small space (600 sq ft) that I hesitate to get a large juicer. Do you have any smaller sized juicers to recommend?

    • Stella says:

      Hi Kat,

      Small in size and high quality is hard to come by.  However, slow masticating juicers are smaller than centrifugal ones.  As I do not know how much counter space you have, it would be difficult to recommend a brand to you.

      My Omega is definitely smaller than my Mum’s Phillips though. You might have to search for a personal juicer.

      I am sorry I couldn’t be more helpful to you at the moment, but I will do some research into this!

  5. Sophorn says:

    You just motivate me to use my blender and juicer again. I have both kind but I haven’t even open my juicer to try it out yet. This article gives me a push to start doing more juicing and blending. With juicing, I’m lazy to cleanup the mess but for blending sometime I don’t like the texture of it. Do you have any tip on overcoming any of these issues? Greatly appreciated!

    • Stella says:

      Hi there,

      I have mentioned that a slow juicer is better and easier to clean than one with a spinning basket. As for blending, I use a Vitamix blender which blends everything smooth including nuts and small seeds. Any other type of blender will not really do a good job unless it is on the same level as a Vitamix or higher.

      A Vitamix is expensive but will last you and takes less than 5 minutes to wash up.

  6. Kit says:

    I have tried your recipe and grind it with my grinder but it is very coarse. I guess it doesn’t work well with my juicer. I have decided to order the same juicer that you have used. Can’t get to try it now as I am waiting for the shipping. it will be coming soon in 2 weeks. I will let you know more about it.

    • Stella says:

      Oh good for you!  I hope you have many years of pleasure out of it.  The motor lasts and lasts.  

      Do tell me how you get on, Kit.

  7. Bibian says:

    Hey Stella,

    This was a very thorough and well-detailed way on how to make a Juice. I am amazed at how easy it is and how cheap it is with those machines. though I’ve tried getting juicer before, but then i will use my hand to downpress those fruit and it waste lots of time.
    please can you help with how to get Slow masticating juicers?, though it’s costly, but i love the features..

    Thank you!

    • Stella says:

      Hi Bibian,

      You can find slow-masticating juicers online.  Depending on where  in the world you are, the price can vary from £250-£400.  I recommended my Omega juicer to a lady whose daughter has eczema and noticed the price has gone up by £50!

      It is now very fashionable for people to own a juicer.  The good thing is an Omega is very durable and will last you years and years. Mine has and I use it almost every day.  You can find online shops dedicated only for selling juicers.  You will get a better service from them.

  8. Julia Kossowska says:

    Wow, that sounds like a lot of green juice and a short period of time!

    Do you find it filling?

    I have a centrifugal juicer, and I must admit I went through my first one in about 6 months. I replaced it with the same model and luckily that has lasted longer. However, it might also be true that I haven’t had as many juices as I did the first six months. This is a reminder for me that I must juice more. I will try that apple and carrot idea. I was surprised you only recommended a couple of slices of lemon as quite often people seem to suggest half a lemon which I find a bit much.

    I haven’t heard of a slow masticating juicer so when the time is right I will explore that option as well.

    Thank you.

    • Stella says:

      Hi Julia, my juices can be very filling if I include things like carrot, parsley, cucumber and even sometimes flaxseeds.  These days I make smoothies which could be vegetable based or fruit.  I could put  5 different things and spice it up with lemon to bring out the flavour.

      You may have seen slow juicers online, but then again, you only get this type from dedicated online juicer suppliers most of the time.  The price range starts at £200 or approximately $250.

  9. Nathalie says:

    Thanks a lot for this very interesting post, Stella! I completely agree with you… I can feel a difference in my skin too when I don’t drink a green juice, or even a carrot juice, although I drink much smaller amounts than you. I went through a time when I was drinking a litre or more per day, and now I only have one or two glasses per day, and I feel that’s more than enough. Maybe my mineral reserves have been replenished? I also prefer to have more smoothies now that my guts seem to be healed. You’re so lucky to have a Vitamix blender. They are so powerful! I would LOVE one now. I really like your blog. I shall bookmark it to have a look at your other posts later. Thanks for putting all of this together for us! 🙂 Nathalie 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Nathalie,

      Yes, I have been juicing for over a decade now and like yourself, really notice when I cut down on juicing.  You can always save up for a Vitamix…just take your time.

      Thanks for taking note of my site!

  10. Diane says:

    Hi Stella – thanks for sharing this interesting article. I have to confess that my juicer sees very little action as my partner doesn’t particularly enjoy fruit, and it doesn’t seem worth it, just juicing for myself. However, your recipe looks lovely, and perhaps wouldn’t be too sweet for his tastes? I will give it a try and hopefully convert him! All the best, Diane  

    • Stella says:

      Hi Diane,

      The less fruit the better or your teeth will suffer as time passes.  Green apples are brilliant for juicing and mixing with green leafy vegetables. Some lemon juice added will bring out the flavour more.

  11. Chris says:

    I’ve had a centrifugal juicer for several years now but my partner is pushing for an upgrade to the slower juicers – she agrees that there are better health benefits linked to these more expensive juicers due to the nutrient content. 

    You mention that these sort of juicers can reach prices like £1500 – I’m wondering where I could find a model at a more bargain entry price? Amazon are usually quite expensive with these sorts of things. 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Chris,

      I use the Omega brand of juicers.  Slow masticating with an entry point of £249  That should be about $300.  Mor e in your price range..

  12. Marc says:

    Thank you for this article explaining masticating juicers. In fact I’ve bought some centrifugal juicers in the past and was never really satisfied with the results. They were also hard to clean. 

    So my question is, are these masticating juicers any easier to clean? Obviously they seem to be worth it for durability and for they quality of the juice…I guess the main thing, if I get back into juicing, will I love it enough to be cleaning the juicer everyday? Shorter an easier cleaning time would help with that. 

  13. Jake Aswani says:

    Hello Stella

    Thanks for this review on Juicer Machines. I use to do juicing but left it for a while as the juices sometimes bloated me.

    I have read so much on the benefits of juicing and the importance of having a good machine is very important. i agree the Vitamix Blender is a good buy and really recommended by other health experts. What book do you recommend on Juicing ?. I would just like to add that when you add apples be very careful to remove the apple seeds. The seeds as a whole has no problems when then they cut and grated it can be harmful for the body. I have read several articles online about this. So clean out the seeds before juicing the apple. Cheers Jake

    • Stella says:

      Thanks Jake,

      As someone who can eat apples by the bucketful, it is good to know about taking out the seeds!

      A good juicing book I recommend is Bernard Jensen’s Juicing Therapy.  He has also written a book called Blending Magic.  They are really good reads and you will learn a lot from them.

  14. Lady Esther says:

    Good day,

    Thank you for the article and the information, it very interesting and informative.’

    Great to know that there are two types of juicers . I have been thinking of starting 

    On a juicer but not sure which way to go. I did notice that the product price in

    Europe dollars and you don’t mention a place where to purchase The juicer.  As

    For the recipe I am a little confused you say: “chop the apple and juice”…not sure

    I understand that? Please clarify. As for smoothies love then and currently that is 

    What I am using for my loose weight and helping my skin.

    This article certainly clarified the two types of juicer available and will take you information 

    Into consideration for purchasing my juicer.

    Thank you and much success on your endeavors,


    • Stella says:

      Hi Lady Esther,

      When I say juice the apples, I mean put them in your juicer after chopping. I am based in London so refer to everything in pounds.

      You can buy an Omega juicer for £250 or $300.  They are mid-priced slow juicers and last longer than the other type of juicer (centrifugal).  You can buy these types of juicers online.

      Hope this is clearer! 

  15. fintan duggan says:

    Wow Stella, you really are into juicing! I must consider you an expert on the various juicers that can be purchased, as you say if somebody wants to juice up to 5 times a day it looks like the slow masticating juicer is the way to go. I love some of your recipes, I like fruit and nuts myself and mixing them together in a juicer makes them sound Yummy! 

    I think you need a lot of patience to juice that many times in one day but the benefits far outweigh the task of getting all the fruit veg and nuts together, which is your favourite recipe?


    • Stella says:

      Hi Fintan,

      I normally only juice twice daily.  I make up a 2 litre batch and drink it over 2 and a half hours for breakfast and dinner when my skin needs it.  

      The Youth Elixir!

      My favourite recipe contains 1 whole mid-ripe plantain, 1 cup of carrot juice, 1 green apple, and 1 large avocado.

      Chop up ingredients and blend together with the carrot juice.  Very filling, tasty and great for breakfast.

  16. affiliate_ghost says:

    I have always used blenders to make my own smoothies as i am still new to juicing. I have been lookin forward to purchasing a proper juicer and i am more knowledgeable about which i would require from reading this post. Thanks for sharing your recipes, I would be trying your apple carrot delight>

    I have noticed a change in my energy levels and my skin when i have smoothies for breakfast even if it is for 3 or 4 times a week and i intend to keep it up. 

  17. Daniel says:

    This is great Stella, I must say that your article helped me in discovering some new recipe for my health. I enjoy juicing every morning and I feel awesome after drinking homemade juice. What I like about your recipe is that it can also serve for body detox and weight loss. Thanks a lot for sharing, I will definitely try it the next morning.

  18. Martin says:

    I love to make my own smoothies but have not tried a juicer yet.
    To make juice it probably also depends on where you live and the (cheap) availability of suitable fruits.
    Since a lot of nutrients sit in the skin of vegetables and fruits I tend to use a blender.
    You can safe on expansive skin creams and have rather a healthy serving of juice every day.
    I like the Oscar 900. Great name and excellent product.

    • Stella says:


      Smoothies are very tasty and you definitely save a  lot of money on creams!  I just use coconut oil and shea butter myself and my skin loves me for it!

  19. supportcme says:

    Nice article, Nutrition is the key to healthy skin and I really like that this juice helps a lot in making the skin more healthy. I don’t like to eat raw vegetables and this juice can be the best alternative for the vegetables. Thank you for suggesting a suitable blender for juicing. I definitely need try this juice.

    Thank you for sharing such a healthy recipe.

    • Stella says:

      I am very pleased you are turned on to juicing.  Vitamix is a great brand as they have a 7 year warranty.  It is worth splashing out on it for that feature alone!

  20. Khobayer Khan says:

    Hello Stella,

    This is an informatical and helpful artical about Juicing and Juicers – For Glowing Skin. I read your article very carefully. In your article, you mention two types of blender one is Centrifugal and another is Slow Masticating. You describe both blender specifications very nicely. Now I am thinking I also bought a balder but I am confused about which one is best for me. do you help me choose the right blender? 

    And Thanks for sharing your tasty juice recipe. I love juices and your juice picture is looking so tasty. Now I want to try one time.

    Again thanks for writing such a helpful article.

    • Stella says:

      Hi Khobayer,

      The Oscar 900 series of juicers or Vitamix blenders are the best on the market.  You have to see how much you can afford to spend on a good one.

      Also they must be easy and quick to clean.  Otherwise, you will not use it so often.  Hope this answers your question!

  21. MaryLi says:

    Hi! I’ve learnt something new today. I didn’t know there are different types of juicer until I’ve read your post. I usually just get those bottled juice from the supermarket, which is way less healthy than freshly made juice. I think I might try out a juicer since I do like juice and drink them a lot. 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Mary,

      Yes, save your money and fork out the money for a  decent juicer.   You will be very glad you did!

  22. Carmen says:

    I have a multifunctional robot for over 8 years: Braun CombiMax 700. With this robot they use all the kitchen products: from nuts, powdered sugar to vegetables or juices. It was a little expensive, but it’s worth it. I liked your juice recipe, it has everything you need for your body, from vitamins, minerals, nutrients; thanks for posting


    • Stella says:

      Well done Carmen!

      It is nice to meet another juice veteran!  I am pleased you enjoyed reading my post.


  23. Cathy says:

    I have also started doing smoothies since putting on my dental braces because it makes eating a lot easier. A personal blender works well for my daily consumption because it’s easy to clean and carry. My morning mix is always banana, milk, rye and some dash of cinnamon. 

    I do miss using my slow juicer sometimes as it produces some of the best pineapple juice I ever had. It’s just that the cleaning takes too much time. 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Good for you!  My slow juicer is similar to the Omega brand.  It only takes 5 minutes to wash and fit it back on the front end of the juicer.

      And yes, it does prepare great juice!

  24. Heather says:

    I was thinking about buying a juicer for my parents, as they used to have an old blended which broke out recently. They’re old so having more vitamins and minerals everyday could only help them. Eating fruits is a bit hard, but blending them into a smoothie is an easier way for them. 

    I checked out your recommendation and I’m thinking they probably need a slow masticating juicer, because it keeps more nutrients inside. I doubt these smoothies are going to help my parents’  skin look glower, but it might help in terms of wrinkles. 

    Anyway, my purpose is convincing them to go for a healthier life and I think this kind of juicer would be the solution.

    • Stella says:

      Er Heather, 

      I’m middle-aged and find when I drink a large batch of juice or smoothies, my face glows and wrinkles do diminish.  I have a 60 year old friend of mine whose period has return after years of not having it.  

      She finally acted on my health suggestions and her hair is also getting  very thick now. My mother is in her late 70s and has been juicing for 10 years every day without fail.  All she takes is 2 glasses of carrot, parsley, celery and cucumber. Add some lemon juice for flavour and ginger root for a little warmth. 

      At this rate, I had better do a juicing recipe book!

  25. Todd Matthews says:

    This is a great recipe for me, since I’m not big on the taste of vegetables, it’s much better if I just blend them up into a shake and drink it rather than try to force them down my throat. It would contain all the servings I need for the day. 

    Can I add fruit to this to give it more of a fruit taste, or even protein powder that will help knock the green flavor out more, or does the lemon and ginger root do the trick? 

    • Stella says:

      Yes, you can add the fruit of your choice. 

      Like apples.  Lemon for freshness and bringing the flavour out, ginger for a bit of kick. 

  26. Selenity Jade says:

    Hi! Excellent article.

    I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to make your own juice!  I always just figured people used blenders, I guess.  While you did mention those, and it makes sense those are smoothies, not juices, I guess I just never really thought about it before.  The slow masticating type of juicer sounds like the perfect fit for someone who is serious about making and drinking a lot of juice throughout the day.  

    Thanks again!

    • Stella says:

      Drinking juice is important for me – keeps me full of energy, vivid technicolour dreams and clear skin.

      What’s not to love?!

  27. BeyondCol says:

    Making juice is a very interesting thing to know how to do but it can get messed up without the right machines needed to do it correctly. I like how you’ve organized this article and you including those smoothies made it more helpful, I’ll find time and blend some of for myself. It’s very true that not every juicer is the same.

    • Stella says:

      Yes, making juice is very interesting and can get to be real fun.

      I’ve been juicing since 2002 having followed plenty of recipes from raw food chefs.

      When the proportions of the ingredients are just right – you can end up with some tastebud tantalizing juice.

      That you can’t buy in the shops or restaurants.  Even better than that, you get to be a real connoisseur at making up your own tasty recipes that other people – including children – will enjoy.

      And yes, not every juicer is the same – it’s only when the 3rd one breaks that light dawns.

      We all live to learn!

  28. Bella says:

    Hello Stella, it’s nice seeing something I can easily relate to on the Internet and as it stands, I have kids who are very much in love with a smoothie and I just have to keep making it for them. I have a really bad juicer and so I have to make you my blender most of the time. I really like the combination you have made there and as a love of carrot I can’t do without having the taste of it in my smoothie. I would love to give it a try this weekend at my place and I have hope it will come out fine. Cheers.

    • Stella says:

      Hi Bella,

      Yes, juicers are great aren’t they?

      And juice gives plenty of energy to look after the children, do the housework and live life keeping sane!

      I hope you enjoy them…A quick tip – If you buy organic carrots with their green tops, you can even make a green smoothie with apples to make it tasty….But more of that another time!

      Have a great week.

  29. Cassandra says:

    HI there! 

    Wow! Talk about a load of great information on here! I recall getting my first juicer when I was younger and my mom let me pick out one from Wal-Mart. It was nice! But then.. When I met my partner, he introduced me to a VitaMix and BAM! Am I in love!! Hahaha, those rule and kick my old juicer out of the water. 

    • Stella says:

      Hi Cassandra,

      Talking about Vitamix blenders – did you know you can make juiced blends – that is using juice in your blends instead of water?

      I also have a Vitamix and they are great – but then I don’t like to use water as the minerals from the vegetables or nuts gets diluted.

      So I first use my juicer and make the vegetable water, then add that to some veg, sprouted seeds or nuts and there you have it! 

      Just like you said – BAM!  You kick the water out of the juice!

  30. Hilde Regine Rayani says:

    Hi! Stella! The vitamix blenders look great. I just use a normal blender, but it seems to need a upgrade soon. I will definitely consider a vitamix blender.
    I normally put green cabbage, bananas, apples and mango in mine . It is yummi. Another is with forest berries and wild berries.
    Using seeds is definitely a good idea. What was life withouth a blender?

    • admin says:

      Hi Hilde…

      Interesting combinations you have! I’ve always used blenders because my Mother is from Nigeria and always used one to make soups with. I copied her. However, I broke 4 cheap ones and decided to get a Vitamix because it is a strong workhorse. Plus it can grind tough seeds and nuts. Even avocado stones and flax seeds. Drinking 2 litres of juices or smoothie a day is normal for me. And yes, when you have a blender and start experimenting – the flavours can be absolutely divine as you must have noticed…Nothing like what’s in the stores.

  31. Justin says:

    Hello Stella, making use of this thing is very important because at one point or another you’ll need it and a juicer is really something every home should have. I have bought some really bad products and they didn’t last at all. Seeing this now and I am sure this is what would serve the right purpose at my place. Cheers

    • Stella says:

      Hello Justin,

      Yes every home should have one.  Especially in the season we are in…The cheaper end of juicers don’t stand the test of time from my experience.  So think how often you are going to use it and also – is the juicer easy to clean.  

      Then there’s the guarantee and spare parts.  You would need a reputable company who deals with this.  This way your juicer should give you at least 10 years of heavy duty service!

  32. Suz says:

    I personally love to have a good drink and seeing that you have a list of very good juicers is good. I’m happy that you can give this very good information about which juice I should try. I do not make the juice by myself in my home but I will now after reading this. Thanks.

    • Stella says:

      Hi Suz, you could buy juice from juice bars, but the cost adds up over time.  Also you get more variety of choice when you create your own juice mixes.  You will really have a good time making them!

  33. Nath says:

    Definitely worthy to see here considering how effective juicing can be to our body and taking it regularly can give the whole body health. In all, I value evetythng you have shared here and surely well worthy to see here too. Well, having a worthy juicer definitely would help increase thee tendency of juicing well enough. Thank you for the sharing

  34. Bruce says:

    Thanks for the advice about chronic eczema and green juice, a lot of people feel like it’s gross as you’ve said, even myself, lol, I’ll give it a trial as from now. The juicers you have here are quite good and they have no e specifications. It’s thoughtful of you to share those juice ingredients.

    • Stella says:

      Hello Bruce.  Yes, green juice does sound gross, but once you’ve added apples, ginger and a touch of lemon into the mix, the taste gets to be really appealing.

  35. Ezra Mtambeka says:

    I am a healthy fanatic and every time I bump into such recipes especially ones that involve fruit, I just get excited. For me smoothies are a great way to consume plenty of nutrients in one cup. I am considering climate or not I ought to alter my framework. A blender does appear just like the easier way to go but I would got to include a few water to a few natural products. I will attempt your formulas, they sound astounding!

    • Stella says:

      Hi Ezra,  good to know you’re  into health.  The good thing about blenders and juicers is that they can be used to make many varieties of mouth-watering juice.

      Having broken the parts to my juicer several times, I have had to resort to buying and tasting bottled water.  It is definitely not the same!

      Now I take great care when pushing the vegetables down the juicer chute,  Even if they get stuck, I will not be using a knife like I’ve done in the past.  Phew!

  36. Beesean says:

    This was a very interesting and illuminating article and I really learnt a great deal from it. I have heard and tried a lot of skin care programs that promised efficiency but after months you still do not see any change or you react to them, especially if they’re creams so hearing that green juice can help is news that I’m happy to hear and eager to try out

    • Stella says:

      Yes, drinking green juice calms inflammation down and you can make a variety of tasty recipes that are also mouth-watering.  As my nutritionist said when I first met her “Let’s heal you from the inside out – drink green juices.”

      I listened and am alive and well to tell the tale…

  37. JJ says:

    Lately I have been thinking of making smoothies and getting into the juicing habit for several reasons, chief of them being to get more of those nutrients in fruits and vegetables, and to provide some variety in my family’s meals, especially breakfast. There was a time when I used to make juices on a Saturday morning and my sons would be excited and involved as they made their own suggestions, and got involved in preparation. Thanks for this article. I am going to get my Vitamix and get cracking.

    • Stella says:

      Yes, children love the whole process of juicing the fruit and veggies, then drinking it!  They feel as if they have contributed to the creation of the juice.  It gives them something to feel proud about that they “helped” Mummy or Daddy in the kitchen.

      Well done for encouraging them and keep it up when you finally get your Vitamix!

  38. catherine ford says:

    love that juicing recipe, it’s awesome. I have a power smoothie every morning for breakfast, different every day but a litre of juice or smoothie . I bought a vitamix because i get my value out of it. I know that whatever happens after that I have already had my seven a day

    • Stella says:

      Yes, what’s great about juices and smoothies is that you can add ingredients you like to make up something really delicious. That you can’t find in a store. Really, the world is your oyster when it comes to juicing and smoothie recipes.

  39. Lady says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the podcast that you did on juicing. I am getting ready to start juicing and my daughter wants to try it with me. She has eczema also.
    Will you be posting more podcast on juicing? Please do.

    • Stella says:

      Hello Lady,
      I apologise for the late reply…I’m glad you appreciate the juicing podcast. I will be podcasting once a week to help more people. I hope your daughter gets better soon.
      Meanwhile, take care and all the best.

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