The Belly Button Oiling Regime Works!

Oiling your belly button may seem strange, but after 2 weeks of doing this regime, my skin is as soft and smooth as a baby’s…

hands putting oil into dropper bottle

It all started when I realised that some medication I’d been on for several years had left my skin overly dry and with variations in skin tone.  I also developed white freckles (age spots) on both my shins.  The soles of my feet had also become very hard and tough to pumice.  It made little difference to soak my feet in water, then follow with a DIY pedicure!

Even though I was no longer covered with scaly eczema, my skin still need some Tender Loving Care to return back to its former glory.  So I turned to the internet for inspiring ways of doing just that.

I had glanced at the Oil Button Oiling Regime, but didn’t use it at first.  However, during the Coronavirus Lockdown, there was more time to relax and take care of skin before bed.  Secretly, I wanted my skin to be soft, smooth and toned like my Mum’s – and she is almost 80!

For skin tone, the best superfood to consume is live wheatgrass juice.  Only a small 4oz a day is needed to restore skin to its youthfulness.

The only thing is that it costs £47 for each packet of 30oz wheatgrass sachets.  So 4oz a day over 4 months would cost me at least £752 – which is expensive considering I still have to eat 3 meals a day…!

The next best thing is to juice home-grown sprouts (for example, alfalfa) and blend with avocados, green apples with ginger, lemon and garlic to taste.  This works out cheaper, at roughly £20 a week on top of regular grocery shopping.

As the goal is to reverse the ageing effect of the eczema and medication, I need to drink between 8-10 8oz glasses over the course of 3 hours, to replace either breakfast or dinner.  Why so much?  Because our skin is designed to receive nutrients last, we would have to drink more than usual to not only hydrate our bodies, but reverse any traumatic ageing to our skin.

Plus, I’m over 50!  My facial skintone looks good, but fine wrinkles are developing on my thighs and upper arms.  Once again, due to the medication which dries out skin. I’m off it now, thank God!!

Red meat is way too taxing for the body to digest, and I noticed bumpy skin on my forehead within 2 weeks of having cow skin bone broth daily.  That will be replace with oily fish like mackerel or salmon.  Fish is way, way easier to digest as well.

Find Out More About Dr Perricone’s Face Lift Here.

He has created a way to tone skin with fish as the main ingredient in each meal.

This method is also quite expensive as you would need to eat fish 3 times daily every day to maintain the suppleness and tone of your skin.

It Seems The Belly Oiling Method Is The Most Cost Effective!

Most Indians I know have flawless skin…Apart from their mostly healthy diet, they practice this method on a regular basis.  The result is soft, smooth skin like a baby’s.  Talking about babies, though the umbilical cord is cut soon after birth, the belly button still is in nutrient-absorption mode.

Though this absorption mode diminishes as we age, the belly button can still absorb such elements as oil into our skin, which gets transported to all areas of our body.

The good thing is – you only need a to apply a few drops of oil every night to see a gradual difference to the look and feel of your skin.!

Here Is The Belly Button Oil Regime

1. At night time, at least half an hour before you go to bed, clean your belly button with a cotton wool pad dipped in some oil of your choice.  You can use olive, jojoba, coconut, almond, mustard or neem oil.  Each of them have different properties that affect different parts of your body in various ways.

2. Then warm a dropper bottle containing more oil. Simply place the bottle in a small pot of warm water and gently warm for 1-2 minutes.

3. Next, lie on your bed and apply 2-3 drops of oil into your belly button. It will fill up.  Let it sit there while you apply 2 more drops of oil to the surrounding area.  Gently massage around your belly button in a clock-wise motion until the oil is absorbed. If you have excess oil still sitting in your belly button, continue massaging the surrounding area with it.

4.  Do this every night for at least 2 weeks to begin to see a huge difference in the look and feel of your skin.


First, the skin on the insides of my arms become more soft and supple.

Then the same thing happened to the inside of my thighs.

Secondly, I felt more relaxed and had a deeper sleep than usual. Dreams included.

So What Have You Got To Lose?  Remember – This Doesn’t Hurt 

It only takes 10-15 minutes from start to finish.

It’s only the cost of a bottle of oil.  4 drops of oil every day for a month only costs around £10!

Oil Brands I Recommend For The Belly Button Oiling Regime