Best Fabric For Eczema

Being prone to eczema makes you very reflective on what is the best fabric to wear next to your skin. Any fabric that contains animal hair, for example wool and fur is well known to irritate sensitive skin. It will also set off the itch-scratch-itch cycle.

Fortunately, I discovered that wearing satin or silk shirts not only cooled me down, but if I slept in them the shirts wiould keep the moisture in. When wearing the shirts for 3 nights in a row, the eczema on my back would heal up. Then I had three satin shirts and washed one after the other when it was time.

Jersey may seem good but wicks moisture away from the skin, leaving it dry. If you have wet eczema, being dry is beneficial, but the opposite is true if you have dry eczema. I had exfoliative eczema and the only way to stop it from flaking was by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of green vegetable juice daily til it cleared. At night, Dead Sea Salt baths were the norm. With one tablespoon of olive oil mixed with the lukewarm water.

Once out of the bath, I would apply more olive oil to damp skin. Followed by shea butter or coconut oil.

Back to silk clothing. Very cooling and lying cool against the skin, silk keeps the skin moist.

Light cotton worn loose is way, way better than nylon or polyester. Always read the label. Remember that if you suffer from eczema, you need to keep cool. So either cotton, silk or satin material is much better for you or your baby.

Tubifast Bandages

Tubifast bandages can be bought or prescribed by your doctor. Coming in different sizes for children and adults. You can find Tubifast bandages in small, medium or large sizes for the arms, legs, trunk and even your face. It is made from stretchy cotton fabric.

If wearing tubifast bandages on your head to cover the face, just circle the place where the eyes, nose, ears and mouth are. Then take a pair of scissors and cut out the circles.

You can wear Tubifast bandages for the rest of the body under clothing and keep in the moislture of applied oil, cream or butter. First, you apply a thick layer of oil/shea butter all over the eczema patches, then if your eczema is dry, wear wet Tubifast bandages. Followed by dry Tubifast bandages and wearing these under your clothes.

Egyptian Mummy here we come!

Tubifast bandages for the face should only be worn at night for bed or around the house. Now that you know what fabric material to wear for your eczema, you can shop on purpose knowing exactly what shops have the type of clothes you need. I find Uniqlo, Marks and Spencer tend to sell loose cotton and silk clothing which will make a huge difference to how you feel during the day.

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