How To Get Rid of Fine Facial Wrinkles

If you are a busy person who has only 6 hours of sleep per night, you may find you develop fine facial wrinkles on your forehead in your late 40s and early 50s.sleep deprived young man

Or maybe you could simply be dehydrated and lacking sufficient protein in your diet. 

Personally, I developed fine wrinkles on my forehead and around my nose by my mid-50s. Though I made sure to get 7 hours sleep a night, the wrinkles still stubbornly remained.

So I checked up Dr Perricone’s Facelift Diet and bought 3 packets of salmon. Each weighing 240g (8 ounces). Intending to rack up my juicing efforts, I also bought cucumbers, carrots, apples, avocados and celery.

Tone-wise, my facial skin has a glow to it. However, I know that if I continue juicing and having 2 helpings of salmon a day, the fine wrinkles have no choice but to disappear.

Because I have no intention of looking decrepit as I grow older. Fortunately, most of my diet is fresh plant produce which has plenty of nutrients to keep my skin wrinkle-free.

So you have looked in the mirror and noticed a paleness to your skin tone, fine wrinkles and crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes!

Don’t worry and do not panic, simply increase your protein intake. Find the time to go through this article on Dr Perricone’s Face Lift Diet. That is accomplished in 3 days.  

Dr Perricone even has a 28-Day plan for your skin to do a complete turnaround in that time frame.   

Though salmon can get expensive, you can always trick your skin into thinking it has plenty of salmon to use, by eating that every other day.  

For example, 2 fillets of salmon in the evening on Monday, miss Tuesday. Then another 2 fillets of salmon at the same time on Wednesday.

Miss Thursday and have another 2 fillets of salmon on Friday evening. Have chicken breasts with a salad on Saturday and Sunday.

Keep hydrated and remember, to cut out smoking if you are guilty of that habit.

You’re not? Great! Moving on swiftly…

Talking about hydration, depending on your weight and height, you can adjust the number of cups of water you drink daily. The standard is 8 glasses of water.

This could be homemade vegetable juice or water infused with lemon or lime. Simply drink 2 glasses on waking, have 2 glasses 30 minutes after breakfast, 2 glasses after lunch and 2 after dinner.

Give yourself a 30 minute break between meals and drinking liquid so as not to dilute the nutrients in the food you eat.

Do Not Wash Your Face

You read the above correctly. Cleansing is very different from taking a bar of soap and slathering your face with it before rinsing off.

To keep your skin’s natural oil in balance, all you need do is apply a little carrier oil of your choice to your skin. This could be olive oil, jojoba oil or rosehip oil.

Then take a warm damp flannel and gently wipe of the excess oil. The reason I am against most creams and things you see on the market is not because of the goodness inside of them.

Far from it. It is mainly because of all the preservatives that most of us cannot even pronounce! You may be allergic to any one of these preservatives. And you will pay for it with blotchy red skin as well as more fine wrinkles if you are constantly washing your face with a bar of soap.

Soap is very drying to the skin and the microbiome on your face will have to try and regrow in between washes.

Remember it takes 28 days for your skin cells to turnover and lay a new set of skincells on the surface of your body.

This means you really need a routine that you will stick by for 28 days that will end up with you achieving your goal of fresh baby-faced, peachy skin.

It is achievable, but you have to give yourself at least this amount of time to see a major difference.

Introducing Forever Living Marine Collagen


Forever Marine Collagen Sachets and Box

 Collagen has got a lot of press lately with the Japanese leading the way when it comes to the porcelain glass look. For skin, that is.

Collagen is the most abundant form of protein in our bodies. Protein is important for cell repair and skin cell formation. The more protein we consume on a daily basis, the better we look.

Ageing is caused by a lack of protein over a long period of time. We all need at least 100g of protein daily if we are adults.

Past the age of 50, if we are sedentary, we lose muscle mass at a faster rate. And slowly become more fat as the years go by.

This is why I now have a love affair with my gym as I have seen how slowing down and being less active has a toll on my health. Not to mention my facial skin and also the skin on my neck.

If you are a serial yo-yo dieter, which means you gain a few pounds, then lose a few pounds, only to gain the pounds you lost with a few added, then this also could be the cause of the fine wrinkles you have.

Forever Marine Liquid Collagen

As your skin loses elasticity as you get older.

Forever Living Collagen is sourced from the marine – the sea. And is formulated in a way that our bodies can easily digest. It is pricey, but is way cheaper than having a surgical face lift!

Forever Marine Liquid Collagen contains the following amino acids;

  • Glycine
  • Proline
  • Hydroxyproline
  • Arginine

To cut a long story short, this helps;

  • Improve skin hydration
  • Improve skin texture
  • Supports the appearance of firmer skin
  • Maintain healthy skin

And this is something we can all do with!

The Importance of Fruit and Green Leafy Vegetables in Your Meals

A salad is not just a few wilted lettuce leaves with a tomato on your plate. You can make an interesting salad with all the colours of the rainbow.

For example, carrots, beetroot, parsley, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber

 and avocados.

When you combine this salad with either chicken breast fillets or fish fillets (not breaded), you will find that this is not only nourishing, but very filling.

Steer Clear of Sugary Food and Junk Food

Sugar causes inflammation and bloating. So this is the main reason I suggest you cut this type of ‘food’ out. It may taste nice at first, but long term use of this kind of food or filler, will leave a sorry tale across the surface of your skin.

Causing everything from blemishes, acne, breakouts, patchy skin, etc.

You have been warned!!


As you can see, wrinkles can be gotten rid of. And with ease. It just needs a little patience and some lifestyle changes for you to see a difference.

Makeup and cosmetics can make your skin break out as well as junk food. But if you replace these with natural unprocessed food and also natural oils, your skin will be really chuffed and your wrinkles will rapidly disappear.

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