Sanitizer For Eczema on Hands

Sanitizer For Hand Eczema

hand sanitizer being used

It’s 2021 and over the past one year, we have all been advised to use sanitizer that is antibacterial.  Or antibacterial soap.  However, if you have eczema on your hands this could be a bad idea.  Think about it – you are going window-shopping and have to use each shop’s sanitizer on entry.

How will your hands feel by the end of the day?  Itchy and dry due to the alcohol this products contain.  Understand that constant washing of your a hands will dry your skin and help eradicate the good bacteria on your skin as well as the bad.

The funny thing is that parasites on your skin will still multiply and thrive no matter how much sanitizer you use. But it takes 28 days before the sebum on your skin produces oil as before sanitizing.  In between that time, you would have washed your hands numerous times and could even now be experiencing a flare up!

Having suffered from chronic eczema myself, I noticed my hands were the first place to become scabby and infected.  I was learning guitar at the time and had to stop and wait til my hands got better.  It was just too painful to play…

Shea butter was something I had never heard of, but I did use green French Argiletz clay paste to treat my skin.

What About Gloves?

The gloves you find in shops these days are all made of plastic.  Which in itself is an irritant.  So it would be adviseable to make a creamy paste of Argiletz clay, mixed with one teaspoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of water.  Stir until all the lumps are gone and apply to your hands.

Then apply cling film, then bandages.  Fortunately, the clay acts as a barrier between your hands and the cling film, so you should not have a bad reaction to the film.

This method is rather messy and can be impractical for nurses in the medical profession who have had to treat patients with Covid-19 using gloves and other shielding equipment.

For nurses, I would recommend using aloe vera gel on their hands, followed by dusting their hands in clay powder, then using gloves.

Forever Living Brand Of Aloe Vera Is the Best

Call me biased, but this brand of aloe vera products from their lip balm, to their drinking gels, to their hand soap and sanitizer, has saved my skin from flaring up.  Forever Shampoo and Jojoba conditioner even cured my dandruff of 15 years.  4 years later, I am still clear, thank God…

The main difference between other brands of aloe vera products and the one’s that Forever Living makes is this:

  • the aloe is grown in their own farms
  • the aloe is truly organic as absolutely no pesticides or herbicides are used
  • the aloe is hand-filleted so as not to bruise the plant while harvesting
  • the aloe vera in the products is active and this process is patented
  • the products contain up to 99% active aloe gel

This means that the drinks are highly effective in being beneficial to gut flora in the digestive system.  Also the sanitizer they produce contains a high level of aloe vera juice.  This will ensure a higher level of moisture getting to the hands even while sanitizing.

Most other products that contain aloe vera, contain water and other dubious substances that are not beneficial to alleviating your hand eczema.

So, together with the Aloe Propolis Creme, Moisturising Lotion and Aloe Vera Gelly that Forever make and distribute, your skin is going to be in good hands – Pardon the pun!

I use their products every day and the scars from all the itching I did in the past, have all gone.

Aloe Vera Keeps Your Hands Young

As Forever is the top brand of aloe vera products and is also Halal and Kosher friendly, you will be hard pressed not to try their products.   Your hands will stay looking beautiful and young, no matter how much of their sanitzer or hand soap you use.

If you find the Aloe Propolis Creme is not rich enough to moisturise your skin, settle for Shea Butter.  Which is way more richer and will leave your skin moisturised for hours on end.  You can find shea butter that is unrefined from African shops in your local area or Akamuti site online.  Akamuti products are unrefined and also organic.  They are based in Wales and have a good service.

24 thoughts on “Sanitizer For Eczema on Hands

  1. Kwidzin says:

    This has been a very interesting article to read. I’ve never liked hand sanitiser muchat all as it tends to make your skin feel horrible like someones just walked over your grave. So i didnt know much about the different ones until now. Aloe vera though is amazing for all sorts of ailments and I’d advise anyone to keep a plant handy in the home.

    • Stella says:

      Hello!  I’m glad you enjoyed reading this article.  Aloe vera is a skin saving plant and more people should be made to know about all of its benefits.  Sanitizer doesn’t have to leave your hands dry if it contains aloe vera.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Ann says:

    I agree with you. In my book, the secret for beautiful hands is aloe vera. It favors the elimination of impurities in the dermis, for a deep cleansing. And it smoothens the damage the sun causes on our hands. For those of you that don’t want to have 70-year-old hands, the solution is simple, aloe vera!

  3. terryiching says:

    Stella this is a great article for those with eczema and don’t have an understanding to the importance of washing your hands. I know exactly what you mean about having the right sanitizer for someone with eczema. For years I used alcohol-based sanitizers because I thought it was beneficial to have alcohol in the cleaning process. And when my hands became dry and scabby, I thought that was the price to pay for eczema free hands. Well, your article gave me a great education to types of sanitizers that work best with eczema. It makes a lot of sense aloe vera would be an excellent cleaner for someone with eczema; and I looked at the Forever Living brand and ordered some today. Thanks for the information, I thank you and my hands thank you as well.

    • Stella says:

      Ah, you ordered some?  I’m actually a distributor and will have to work out how to do online network marketing!!

      It’s alright though, I’m glad to be of help and that you have found something to relieve your hand eczema yet keep your hands clean at the same time.

      Take care!

  4. Parameter says:

    Developing scabby hands when you have Eczema can be a lot challenging, especially with the need to apply sanitizers on our palm. I have used Forever living products and they are top notch products based on aloe Vera. For more than 3 months I used forever living Gel and it balanced my system. Good product good company 

    • Stella says:


      I’m glad you have already used Forever Living Products and know how effective they are.  You really can’t go wrong with them and they are a very good company as you mentioned here.

  5. Kokontala says:

    Hi, I’ve just gone through this interesting article you’ve written about sanitizer for eczema on hands. Well, having been through this difficult time, I guess we had to believe and follow everything we were told about this bacterial. From my personal point of view, I never believed or trusted these sanitizers, I always felt there could be some side effects somehow and today you’ve just shared your personal experience and knowledge about the bacteria and sanitizer. This post is very good and educative. Thanks so much, I’ll share it to spread the word.

    • Stella says:


      Thanks for such a positive comment.  I am glad you found this article useful and that you will pass the message on.  We don’t want dry skin just because we use hand sanitizer.  With alcohol in it..

      Thank you Forever Living Aloe Vera products.

  6. AL. S. says:

    When I was growing up on the farm I remember my grandmother always had a lot of aloe vera plants. She would use it for everything and especially on the sunburns we would also get. I say is certain that aloe vera is an amazing plant, so I trust that Forever Living is a great product.

    • Stella says:

      Forever Living Products are very good for skin.  I used the Aloe Vera gelly to heal my skin and scars when I was having chronic flare ups.  My skin is a lot better now.  But whenever I get itchy, I use the gelly.  And it works a treat.

  7. Maja says:

    Interesting article to read. This is helpful now that there’s a pandemic out there and we need to be careful, wash our hands and use sanitizer when going in public places. Some sanitizers can be really bad, not healthy and with a bad smell. I’ve tried plenty of them because whenever I enter a shop we have to sanitize my hands. Some are really nasty. 

    Thank you for the article

    • Stella says:

      Glad to hear you enjoyed reading this, Maja.  I normally steer clear of most sanitizers because they are very drying to the skin.  However, Forever Living brand of hand sanitizer contains active aloe and is better for the skin.

  8. virginia rodriguez says:

    I don’t have eczema but I have family members that do have it and I see that it is something very annoying to deal with and at times painful. I’ve never really had any skin issues other than the stretch marks I have all over my stomach from having 3 big baby boys. I hate that I have these stretch marks, they look horrible and I’ve always been very embarrassed by them. I have tried all kinds of cream and none of them have worked. My mom would always tell me to use aloe vera but never did. This Forever Living brand sounds amazing do you think any of their products would work for stretch marks? thank you so much for this article and all the interesting information about eczema.

    • Stella says:

      For stretch marks, I would recommend having salads with olive oil drizzled over them.  Salads and vegetable juicing are well known for a glowing complexion even if it is on your tummy. Even better than aloe is French Argiletz clay which you can apply as a paste directly on your stretch marks.

      You will have to do this while in the shower as it is slightly messy, but all you do is add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to 4 tablespoons of green Argiletz clay and mix with enough water to make a thick smooth paste.

      Apply thick layer  onto your stretch marks daily until they smoothen out and flatten.  Always  rinse the paste off with water each time.  You only need to leave it on for half an hour or until it is almost dry.  If this procedure is taking too long to have quick effect, wrap your trunk in cling film (saran wrap) over the clay paste after you’ve applied it.  Then wear a T-shirt over this.

      Then sleep in this overnight til morning.  Rinse off and apply aloe vera gelly to your stretch marks. Together, aloe used after clay make a double-whammy on your stretch marks.  However, it will be at least a month before you see a difference to your skin. 

      So please be patient.

  9. fityourselfbarre says:

    I’ve been using Aloe Vera for my hands and it’s so effective ! I will check the Forever Living brand you recommend! It sounds like such a good brand! Thank you for this article, your tips and advice are very helpful for all those suffering of eczema! I have had a little eczema and Aloe Vera really helps! 

  10. roamy says:

    Hello Stella

    Thanks so much for sharing, I was never one to sanitize my hands as much in the past but recently (since the pandemic) I make sure to sanitize my hands whenever I can.

    Now I have to admit it`s only now I realize my hands were somehow causing my eczema flareups, I didn`t really take this into account until I started keeping my hands clean, my eczema has really reduced.

    I really appreciate you sharing tips on sanitizing hands to reduce eczema, informative, well written and all important info shared.

  11. Abel says:

    I am in the medical field and during the past year, we have all been using sanitizers that are also antibacterial. But the pain starts when we have to wear gloves. I hadn’t thought of this solution you have given us of applying aloe vera and afterwards dusting our hands in clay powder before putting on gloves. I will try it and see if it works for me.

    • Stella says:

      The problem with sanitzers is that they also get rid of friendly bacteria as well.  Ones containing aloe gelly are better for the skin.

      Also, let me know how you get on with the aloe and clay for gloves.

  12. Diana says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article – When government officials implemented business issue sanitizers as you enter store my hand started peeling and it was a horrible sight. Businesses want to make as much profit as possible, as a result they will get the cheapest. I carry my own everywhere now, it our responsibility to take care of our hands. Everyone who can afford should just get a good quality sanitizer that will not hard their skin.

    • Stella says:

      Yes, the alcohol content in most sanitizers can be very drying to the skin.  As a result, such companies as Forever Living have created sanitzers containing aloe vera.  It is kinder and more moisturising.

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