How to Put on Tubifast Bandages

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Understanding the Fundamentals of Tubifast Bandages

What are Tubifast bandages?

Tubifast is the brand name for cotton bandages that are designed for wearing over limbs, torso and head of people including children, who have chronic eczema.

  • Why are Tubifast bandages essential for individuals suffering from chronic eczema?

The good thing about these bandages is that they keep moisture in and prevent a person or child from tearing at the skin through scratching. Tubifast bandages aid in allowing the skin to heal when it is at its most vulnerable state.

  • How are Tubifast bandages designed to aid in managing chronic eczema flare-ups?

Tubifast bandages can be prescribed by your GP or you can buy them from your local chemist or pharmacy. They can prove to be quite expensive, so it is wise to wash your bandages and have several sets so that when a set is in the wash, you can wear the second set. While one set of bandages are drying.

Personally, I got the right size of bandages for my whole body except for my head. As my skin was very bad, I coined a mantra – “Drastic results require drastic action” and used my own fresh urine to moisturise my arms, legs and torso. Bear in mind that I was juicing at least 64 oz of fresh vegetables a day, so my urine was of good quality and did not really smell.

After moisturising with my urine, I let this dry a little, then applied Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly to my skin.

Then I applied coconut oil mixed with shea butter to get rid of the cracks.

I used the bandages for approximately 2 months. The combination of the aloe gelly and the urine, healed my skin and I have no scars on my body.

However, because I scratched so much before getting the Tubifast bandages, my arms and legs have got fine wrinkles on them now. Bear in mind, I am now 58…if you are much younger, you will not wrinkle like me.

  • Exploring the material and design features of Tubifast bandages including their cotton composition and array of sizes for various body parts.

Tubifast bandages are made of cotton and are very breathable. I would soak my bandages in water with olive oil, put them on, then put on dry Tubifast bandages, followed by a T-shirt and my other cotton clothing.

Steps in Applying Tubifast Bandages Effectively

  • The importance of moisturizing the skin before applying the Tubifast bandage

Bear in mind, I don’t advise the use of steroid creams as with the bandages, the skin will soak in the cream and that will potentially lead to thinner skin long-term.

A detailed, step-by-step guide on properly putting on the Tubifast bandages

  • The significance of the wet-dry method in applying Tubifast bandages: Applying a wet bandage followed by a dry one.

I use a wet-dry method as the dry bandages will retain the moisture of the wet ones. Always put the wet bandages over thickly applied moisturiser, followed by the dry bandage to keep the moisture in.

How do you put them on? Just put them on as if you are putting on a long-sleeved glove or long socks. For your torso, put the bandage on as if you are to wear a vest.

The Tubifast bandage is stretchy which is useful.

Maximizing the Benefits of Tubifast Bandages for Eczema Management

  • Understanding the effectiveness of Tubifast bandages in managing eczema symptoms
  • How to choose the right size of Tubifast bandages for different body parts

When buying your bandages, make sure to choose the right sizes for different body parts…

Large, medium and small for children. As time goes on, small children will get used to the tubifast bandages and will not be so squeamish about wearing them.

Make sure to put A LOT of moisturiser on skin before applying the bandages. Coconut oil and shea butter are not too expensive and a little goes a long way. However, you want to make sure you put a thick layer of this on so that the bandages will keep the moisture from these balms in place.

Though I don’t advocate using steroid creams for children or adults for that matter, here is a video of how to put on bandages for a baby….

The role of regular use of Tubifast bandages in maintaining skin health during chronic eczema flare-ups


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