Side Effects of Dupixent For Eczema

You may be wondering what Dupixent injection is for eczema and whether it’s right for you. It is a new drug used to treat moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis that has not responded well to other treatments. The most common side effects of dupilumab are eye irritation, weight gain, oral thrush, and upper respiratory tract infection.

There are many natural methods of treating eczema without the use of drugs like Dupixent. One such method includes using moisturizers and avoiding triggers like stress or allergens while also trying lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking or drinking alcohol in excess.

1. Dupixent is the first and only biologic approved for adults with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis

2. It was created by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a global biopharmaceutical company

3. The drug is injected under the skin every other week or as prescribed by your doctor

4. Side effects include injection site reactions, which can be managed with medication if necessary 

5. Other side effects are not common but may include cold sore-like symptoms in people who have never had herpes simplex virus or chickenpox (varicella) before 

6. If you experience any of these side effects, please call your healthcare provider right away so they can adjust your treatment plan and minimize discomfort.

The best way to treat eczema is to get a herbal colon cleanse. This will help you lose weight, reduce inflammation and give your skin the nutrients it needs. You’ll be healthier in general and free of that pesky eczema! 

The key is to take an all-natural approach. There’s no need for any fancy equipment when there are so many natural alternatives available at every grocery store these days!

Most people think a colon cleanse is the same as a colonic irrigation where you go to a specialist and get internally hosed from behind with a pipe inserted in your bottom.

This method can prove to be really expensive as you may need more than one visit to remove mucoid plaque from your colon.

An easier way of going about colon cleansing is by using such gentle herbal colon cleansers as Colonix by DrNatura.

If you are eczema-prone, you may think the only thing you need to do to clear your skin is by changing your diet. Actually, that is only half the solution.

Over the years, you have accumulated mucoid plaque which is lying impacted in your colon. This is totally normal and can be reversed by including more fibre in your diet.

This also helps you avoid constipation and remain hydrated during the course of the day. Colonix contains herbs and fibre to cleanse you gently of years of impacted plaque that you are totally unaware that you have.

When I first started using Colonix, I was surprised by how black my stools appeared. They were really smelly, even though I thought I had been eating clean. After one month, the stools stopped smelling and reverted to a better brown colour.

I also passed a worm, which I thought was a macaroni string. However, as I had not had any macaroni over a month before this happened, I realised it was a worm…Gross!!

My mother also used Colonix with me and also got smelly stools for the first month. Well, fast forward 3 years later, we are still reaping the benefits of buying this awesome product.

Combined with liver flushing, colon cleansing is a powerful tool, to enable your days of pesky eczema to be cleared up as long as you stick with a clean diet full of vegetables, mixed salads and green juices.

Throughout this blog, I make mention of eating veggies and drinking 6-8 glasses of green juice daily. Because these methods simply work. No need to keep paying an extortionate amount of money to keep free from eczema with injections.

Eczema is a condition that is simply telling you your body is crying out for nutrients from your food that it can use to heal itself. And a standard diet that includes, bread, sugar, dairy and floury products, just doesn’t cut it.

You also need to get rid of all kinds of medicine residues in your body that have accumulated over the years and that have an impact on your skin.

The two pieces of equipment that you do need to buy are a juicer and a blender. They must be sturdy otherwise you will end up breaking them by the 6th month due to heavy use.

For this reason, I recommend a Vitamix and an Omega juicer. They may seem expensive at first, but when you think that you will end up breaking one juicer and blender after the other because you can’t blend up 2 litres worth of plantain, avocado, parsley leaves with carrot juice and apples on a daily basis….you will thank me later!

Vitamix blenders have 5-7 year guarantees that they stand by. I have taken advantage of mine just once. And the machine worked as if it was new afterwards. Brilliant service!

Conclusion: So there you have it, natural alternative methods that you can use to clear your skin from within. You don’t need to go through the hassle of experiencing side effects with Dupixent injections….Honest!

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4 thoughts on “Side Effects of Dupixent For Eczema

  1. Roberta says:

    This was surprising.   Even though I know what your heading stated I still wasn’t prepared for the advice.  I had no idea that internal issues caused by diet had such a huge impact on my skin.  I actually thought it was just hormonal.  I plan to forward this article to a co-worker of mine whose teenage son is having a hard time managing his eczema breakouts.   I know they spend quite a lot on doctor visits and medication but nothing seems to be working.

    What do you suggest in order to assist teens with managing their diets.  I’m sure it would be pretty rough for them to dive into green smoothies and pay attention to liver cleansing and colon cleansing.  So what do you suggest to assist in making this lifestyle change easier for teens and young adults?

    • Stella says:

      Hi Roberta,

      This whole blog is about how to manage eczema naturally, especially for everyone over 12 years of age.  If he does the herbal colon cleansing, his skin will clear up in 3 months.

      I’m talking from personal experience as I suffered from total body flare ups in the past 15 years and cleared it each time with colon cleansing.  The medications only suppress the eczema.  When the medication stops being taken, ‘the eczema flares up even worse.

      I don’t like seeing people suffer, hence creating this site.  Follow the advice on it, and keep in touch with me…

      I’ve helped my friend’s children clear their eczema and have a better quality of life…

  2. CherrieAlesia says:

    very thorough explanation of the side effects of the drug. very good suggestions for alternatives. mom had psoriasis, which is similar to eczema. she went to hospitals for treatments to help the itching and red patches, even tar treatments. I do not know if these types of treatments might help individuals with eczema. very interesting article. thank you for sharing with us. 

    • Stella says:

      Hello Cherrie,

      I had eczema for years and was always going to doctors and hospital like you mother.  But then I got tired and researched way of clearing my skin through natural methods.  Without side effects. These natural methods worked and now my skin is almost almost normal.

      Herbal colon cleansing, followed by liver flushes and also eating a more natural diet – did the trick.

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